[Hero Wars Guide]The 2023 Winter Update: Tier List Changes & Impact

[Hero Wars Guide]The 2023 Winter Update: Tier List Changes & Impact

How the Tier List Will Change in the Future

Impact of Red Artifacts

  • The dominance of Physical DPS is diminishing as armor buffs gain more potency.
  • Nevertheless, the defensive meta still leans heavily towards Physical DPS. No abrupt shift seems imminent.
  • The gap between powerful and weaker heroes has narrowed, although the impact on their relative tiers hasn’t been significant thus far.


Impact of War Flags

  • Balancing considerations are underway, and the introduction of additional battle flags might influence the effectiveness of certain heroes in the future.
  • However, the likelihood of game-changing adjustments is minimal for three reasons:
    1. The existing flags will undergo only slight rebalancing.
    2. Historical Hero Wars enhancements have seen few game-changers.
    3. All flags and patterns can be obtained without payment, as explicitly stated.
  • Not a confirmed fact, but a prediction based on the current situation.

War flags

Impact of Year-End Heroes

  • Year-end heroes tend to be overpowered each year.
  • Aidan, the 2023 year-end hero, also boasts considerable strength (not a DPS, so the impression that he is user-friendly may be accurate).
  • The likelihood of encountering a hero as recognizable and formidable as Dante or Ishmael is low. However, it’s highly probable that heroes like Sebastian, with promising development potential, will emerge.



  • Thus far, the 2023 update feels like a nuanced balancing act, akin to previous years’ updates.
  • However, year-end heroes have consistently prompted significant balance adjustments. This remains a focal point of concern.

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