[Hero Wars Guide]What Could Happen If You Can’t Log-in?

[Hero Wars Guide] If You cant login_1

Common Issues

Login Interruptions at 97%

  • This may occur during server downtime.
  • Wait approximately 15 minutes before attempting to log in again.
  • If issues persist, consider restarting your browser to refresh the local cache.

Incorrect Platform Usage

  • Different platforms (web version, Facebook version, or app version) require distinct accounts.
  • For instance, if you have a web version account, accessing the app version is not possible.

Platform Specifications

Gmail Authentication Distinctions

  • When using Gmail for Hero Wars web authentication, two methods exist:
  • For direct accounts, your Gmail functions as an ID.
  • For Google authentication, re-login is required via Google.

Network Errors

  • Inability to access anything but Hero Wars likely indicates a personal connection issue.
  • As Hero Wars uses IPv4, confirm connectivity to other IPv4 sites. (Note: Some routers may limit access to IPv6 sites.)

Security Measures Lockout

  • Hero Wars, being a global service, may face false positives in security software, especially for domains like Russia and Cyprus.
  • To resolve, add Hero Wars to your security software’s whitelist or temporarily disable it.
  • For persistent issues due to software updates, wait a few days or use a temporary workaround like a whitelist.

Forgotten Password

  • Initiate a new password from the login screen.
  • If authenticated, reissue the password at the authentication source (e.g., Google).

Obsolete Email Address

  • Unfortunately, changing the email address is not possible.
  • Contact support for assistance, as they might help transition to authentication linkage.

Facebook Version URL Change (2023)

  • The Facebook version has undergone a URL change in 2023.

About Account Management

General Support

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