[Hero Wars Guide]Lara Croft

[Hero Wars] Take an adventure with Lara Croft

What it means

  • Coming as a Tomb Raider collaboration, Famous works.
  • Likely first collaboration as Hero Wars.
  • Somewhat fluffy as to whether it is a new hero or not. Possibly, as it states that a new hero will be introduced in conjunction with this collaboration.
  • If it is a new hero, it will most likely be a female shooter. So far, all female archers have been of little use. Only to the extent that daredevils are relatively easy to use. This case has the potential to break that tradition.

Schedule (tentative)

  • Wed. May. 01 – Sun. May. 05: All the details on the new hero!
  • Sat. May. 04 – Thu. May. 09: Community Journey and Rewards!
  • Wed. May. 08: Pre-order Lara Croft!
  • Fri. May. 10: Gameplay Trailer!
  • Mon. May. 13: Lara Croft is in Dominion!
[Hero Wars] Take an adventure with Lara Croft


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