[Hero Wars Guide]The Secret of Asgard

[Hero Wars Guide] The Secret of Asgard renew_1

About Asgard’s Secrets

  • Ascension Enhancement Bundle.
  • Sold in conjunction with the Ascension to Asgard event.
  • Grand seeds are not included.
  • You can choose the rank of the material, but not the type.
  • Not applicable for Emerald Waterfalls.
  • Eligible for earning VIP points.
  • It may not be considered a particularly advantageous deal.

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Bundle 1

[Hero Wars Guide] The Secret of Asgard renew_1

Bundle 2

[Hero Wars Guide] The Secret of Asgard renew_2

Bundle 3

[Hero Wars Guide] The Secret of Asgard renew_3

Bundle 4

[Hero Wars Guide] The Secret of Asgard renew_4

Comparison between Asgard’s Secrets and Astral Providence

  • All bundles are compared assuming they were exchanged for top-tier materials (as these are the scarcest in the end).
  • In the case of Astral Providence, we assume a VIP15 player spent the necessary amount to purchase the bundle during an Emeralds x4 sale, and used the Emeralds to run Astral Providence. (For instance, if we consider an Emeralds x5 sale, the expected value would be 1.25 times this amount).
  • The Astral Providence calculation is based on the actual value of 20 sets of 100-round runs.
  • Sharing to guild members is not included in the comparison conditions.
  • The impact of the Emerald Waterfalls and other factors are not included in the comparison conditions.

Bundle 1

Bundle 1Astral Seer
Eternal Seed8
Vibrant Crystal690
Radiant Crystal250324
Greater Insignia250329

Bundle 2

Bundle 2Astral Seer
Eternal Seed16
Vibrant Crystal1,381
Radiant Crystal6006,47
Greater Insignia600659

Bundle 3

Bundle 3Astral Seer
Eternal Seed57
Vibrant Crystal4,879
Radiant Crystal2,4002,288
Greater Insignia2,4002,328

Bundle 4

Bundle 4Astral Seer
Eternal Seed97
Vibrant Crystal8,305
Radiant Crystal5,0003,894
Greater Insignia5,0003,962


Wish Crystal

Wish Insignia

Event Page

Other Way

Ascension Season

Ascension Resource Gift

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