[Hero Wars Guide]The Secret of Asgard

[Hero Wars Guide]The Secret of Asgard1

About The Secret of Asgard

  • Ascension Upgrade Bundle
  • Sold in conjunction with the Ascension to Asgard event.
  • Includes a root box with x5 random Ascension Materials available, including ranks.
  • Emission rate by rank has not yet been investigated
  • Eternal Seed will not be discharged.
  • Asgard of your choice, the exact opposite type Wisdom of Asgard Bundle.
  • Not eligible for Emerald Waterfalls.
  • Eligible for VIPs.
  • Not a good value, presumably.
  • Increase from 2023.
  • New version 1, New version 2 of the Wish Crystals and Wish Insignia exist with modified content.

List of The Secret of Asgard (after increase)

List of The Secret of Asgard (before increase)

[Hero Wars Guide]The Secret of Asgard1

The Secret of Asgard vs Wisdom of Asgard

  • Both The Secret of Asgard and Wisdom of Asgard are Asgard-related bundles.
  • These two bundles have the same 3 pricing.
  • The following is a comparison of the total number of bundles with the same pricing.
  • The total number is higher for Wisdom of Asgard and you can also choose the type you want.
  • If the equivalency of the bundles is taken into account to some extent, The Secret of Asgard may have a higher expected value than The Secret of Asgardfor the key higher-end items. Nevertheless, you can’t choose the type, and there is a game of luck.

The Secret of AsgardWisdom of Asgard
1946JPY BundleTotal 700Total 1,320
7783JPY BundleTotal 3,250Total 5,350
13620JPY BundleTotal 5,750Total 9,250

Event Page

Other Way

Ascension Season

Ascension Resource Gift

Related Bundles

The Secret of Asgard (New Ver.)

New Ver. 1

Include: Wish Crystal, Wish Insignia

New Ver. 2

Wisdom of Asgard

All Crystals! x2 Bundle

All Insignia! x2 Bundle


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