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Item Guide

  • Chip keys not utilized during the Cyber-Con event will be converted after end the event.
  • Items obtainable in the Cyber Vault will be randomly dispensed.
  • The distribution rate is expected to be uniform, including for the grand prize.
  • The item is shared across events with the same name and may be replenished in the event of a new iteration with the same name.
  • Due to the aforementioned reasons, keeping this item in reserve might affect the depletion rate.
  • The following list is accurate as of November 21, 2023.
  • Considering the specifications of this event, there is minimal incentive to retain it (Efficient gameplay may be challenging). However, if you find yourself uninterested in the current rewards, it might be worthwhile to save it for the following year, as the contents are likely to be renewed.
[Hero Wars]Strongbox



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