[Hero Wars Guide]Soul Casket

[Hero Wars Guide] Soul Casket

What is a Soul Caskets?

  • You can obtain 10 Heroes Soul Stones of your choice.
  • The heroes you can choose from are basically the same as those in the Hero Soul Stone Chests.

Recommended use

  • Available for the “Get xx Hero’s Soul Stone” quests that often appear in events. It is more efficient to stock up and use it at the time of an event.
  • Prioritize the use of this item for heroes who cannot get Soulstones from the Shop or Campaigns.

How to Get Soul Stones

About heroes that cannot be chosen

It is presumed that Cleaver, Jet, Iris, and Amira will not be added. Other heroes may be added in the future, even if they are currently not selectable.

[Hero Wars]Cleaver[Hero Wars]Jet[Hero Wars]Iris[Hero Wars]Amira

Events with set rewards

Ode to Beauty

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