[Hero Wars Guide]Emeralds

Item Guide

  • The primary currency in the game.
  • Unlike gold and coins, it can be used for most enhancement items.
  • The strategy is to use emeralds when there is a quest to digest them.
  • The main method to obtain emeralds is through purchases, but there is also a way to acquire them for free.

What You Can’t Do with Emeralds

Certain elements are not compatible with emeralds:

  • Pet equipments (requires Chaos particles)
  • Portals of Adventure
  • Soulstones for heroes and pets that have been available for less than a year (timing varies, but after the implementation event is over, you will have to wait to unlock them)
  • Beach skins (only available for direct purchase)
  • Limit on the number of attacks in Guild Wars, CoW, and Guild raids (you must win within the specified number of attacks)

How to Purchase

  • Emeralds can be acquired by making purchases in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • There are x1, x2, x3, x4, x5 options for the same amount, with the maximum multiplier being 5 times. Different coefficients are available for various VIP levels.
  • x3 is a bonus for the first purchase and is reset annually, although x3 sales have occurred in the past.
  • x4 and x5 are offered during the Emerald Sale.
  • Sometimes included in bundles, but generally, the cost-effectiveness is about x2, and many bundles are not as efficient in charging as sale events.

Emerald x3 Sale

Emerald x4 Sale

Emerald x5 Sale

Emerald Dolls!

Emerald Chests!

How to Obtain Them for Free

  • Free emeralds can be obtained through in-game activities, emerald items, out-of-game tasks (free emeralds), or by watching videos.
  • Video viewing is currently in beta and only available to some users.

Collect Emeralds

Free Emeralds

Priority Ordering

  • Priority should be given to items that are cost-effective or challenging to enhance.
  • For cost-effectiveness, consider 50 emeralds for energy recovery, available up to 2 times daily.
  • For challenging enhancements, focus on red artifacts, ascension enhancements, skin stones, totems, pet equipment, etc.

How to use emeralds to get stronger

Cost-Effective Usage

There are emerald-related quests during each event, along with several other opportune times to use them.

Emerald Waterfalls

Piggy Bank

Sale Event

Discount Day!


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