[Hero Wars Guide]Emerald x3 Sale

[Hero Wars] Emerald Sale x3 Martha

Emerald x3 Sale Overview

  • Introduced in July 2023, replacing the Emerald x4 Sale.
  • Appeared in a situation where the Emerald x4 Sale and Emerald x5 Sale already existed.
  • Each sale is available only once at six different price points, but it will be restocked daily throughout the event.
  • Can also be used to progress in the Emerald Falls event.
  • The mention of “Marta” in the official message is likely a typo for “Martha.”

Comparison with the Emerald x4 Sale

  • Prices are the same as the x4 sale.
  • The VIP rewards you receive are the same.
  • The only difference lies in the available quantity of emeralds.

Reasons to Buy Emeralds from the x3 Sale:

  • If you are running low on emeralds and urgently need to acquire more, this sale offers a better rate compared to the x2 sale.
  • Provides better value than most bundles.
  • It’s sad to compare it to the Emerald x5 Sale.

Official Messages

Emerald Sale in Dominion! 

  • In addition to her regular sales, Marta loves to organize experiments, and today she has conjured up another one — get more Emeralds and make your Heroes, Titans, and Pets stronger than ever before! 
  • Note that the sale will end on July 10, 2 AM UTC.

Event History

  • Saturday, July 08, 2023 (2 days)

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