[Hero Wars Guide]Surprise Egg

Item Guide

  • Easter Keys not utilized during the Spring Rebirth! event will be converted after end the event.
  • Items obtainable in the Easter Adventure will be randomly dispensed.
  • The distribution rate is expected to be uniform, including for the grand prize.
  • The item is shared across events with the same name and may be replenished in the event of a new iteration with the same name.
  • Due to the aforementioned reasons, keeping this item in reserve might affect the depletion rate.
  • The following list is accurate as of Mar 28, 2024.
  • Considering the specifications of this event, there is minimal incentive to retain it (Efficient gameplay may be challenging). However, if you find yourself uninterested in the current rewards, it might be worthwhile to save it for the following year, as the contents are likely to be renewed.
[Hero Wars Guide]Surprise Egg

Estimated Value

Worth 247 emerald 


[Hero Wars Guide] Surprise Egg
[Hero Wars Guide] Surprise Egg
[Hero Wars Guide] Surprise Egg
[Hero Wars Guide] Surprise Egg


Grand Prizes

  • 30 Chest of Supertitans
  • 10 Absolute Artifact Chest
  • 250 Chaos Particle


  • 500,000 Gold
  • 20 Random Crystal
  • 10 Random Vibrant Crystal
  • 5 Random Radiant Crystal
  • 10 Random Insignia
  • 5 Random Greater Insignia
  • 1 Artifact Seal Chest
  • 150 Agility Skin Stone
  • 150 Strength Skin Stone
  • 150 Intelligence Skin Stone
  • 500 Artifact Coin
  • 500 Titan Potion
  • 1,000 Essence of the Elements
  • 10 Skin Stone Chest
  • 500 Outland Coin
  • 500 Tower coin
  • 500 Arena coin
  • 500 Grand Arena coin
  • 5 Absolute Artifact Essence
  • 5 Absolute Artifact Scroll
  • 5 Absolute Artifact Metal
  • 1 Bottled Energy
  • 4 Rare enchantment rune
  • 1 Great enchantment rune
  • 3 Titan Artifact Sphere
  • 1 Summoning Sphere
  • 5 Chest of Defender Titans
  • 5 Chest of Support Titans
  • 5 Chest of Marksman Titans

Event Guide

Spring Rebirth!

Spring Rebirth! Tasks and Rewards

Easter Key

Easter Bundle


  1. Hohen says:

    Are there any plans for the chests of titans to start including the light and dark titans? If not, is there a best time to open them once you have all of the Earth, Fire, and Water titans to absolute star?

    • zero says:

      If you belong to an active guild, daily dungeon rewards will eventually complete all your super titans.
      I think, You can use the titan soul stone rewards from this event whenever you like.

      It may or may not be added to the chest, we don’t know. But either way, your Super Titan can reach the ultimate star. Guild selection is more important.


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