[Hero Wars Guide]Weekly Report 2023.Week33

[Hero Wars Guide] Weekly Report 2023.Week33
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Upcoming Events

September Events

[Hero Wars] September Events

The official announcement has revealed 11 events, presented in no particular order and without known dates.

Among these events, the dates for the following 8 are currently unknown.

1. Ascension to Asgard

3. Time of the Fearless

4. Elemental Synergy

5. Dark Depths Skin Event

It will be in the same format as the The Forgotten Treasury or Trial of Heaven.

The Forgotten Treasury
Trial of the Heavens

6. Clash of the Titans

New skins are being added to the 3-Element attack titans!

8. Twins Event

It is presumed that the event will be in the same format as the Andvari event.

Wrath of the Earth (Andvari event)

9. Mini-Seasons

Seasons with totems as rewards, probably starting 9/4.

10. Autumn Festival

11. Guardians of Outland

Addition of Dark Depths Skin

Dark Depths Skin has been added to the mobile version.

[Hero Wars] Dark Depths Skin 2023

Aurora New Looks 2023

There may be more visual updates to the Aurora from the mobile version.

[Hero Wars] Aurora New Look 2023

Official Community Manager FAQ

Titles are tailored to the content.

Player Dissatisfaction with Cosmic Battle Event

  • Q. Actually many people are not happy with Cosmic battle event…Some are deciding to quit, and others deciding to skip, and some already know that they will lose 80% of the battles, because their main damage dealer is banned, the same damage dealer on whom they invested everything.. Ultimately it will be battle of control and support heroes, and its facing control heroes without any counters will lead nowhere..
  • A. Hey! Just to make clear from the start: I am not trying to convince you to like the event. But I want to clarify how the ranking system works.
    This event needs some time for it’s ranking to adjust and kind of settle down. Right now there are still a lot of strong players who just joined the event and they are starting at the bottom, thrashing weaker players.
    Soon they will climb higher, and then even if you keep loosing for the whole day – you will end up in a pool of players with similar results, who also likely to lack their strongest damage dealers without a good substitution, for example. And at that point your chances of winning will get higher, and the competition in your bracket will get more fair and even.
    Regarding the overall feedback: as always we are gathering everything you say and we will let the developers know about your sentiments.

Missions in Cosmic Battle Event

  • Q. Will there be event missions (questions) in this PvP event?
    Or can you get event store coins just by fighting?
  • A. There will also be event missions

The Forgotten Treasury: Event Feedback and Suggestions

  • Q. You have been doing a great job changing old events and making them better. please change the events type like we have right now.
    1. The 3 Grand Prizes are nice, but every player needs different resources – please consider changing it for different kind of chests (1 for heroes, 1 for pets, 1 for titans) – that might get us more variety of resources.
    2. the fact that this 32 items table is random, makes it even less attractive
    3. 7 days for an event that has no activities, and even the quests are basically “buy emeralds, spend emeralds, make purchases” – is too income focused and is very boring. either make the quests more interesting, or add some map / brawls to get some action. i’m just waiting for this event to pass, and iv’e never spent so little on a single event
    If the main issue are the celestial skins, it makes more sense to change it to a new hero/pet type of event, with a shop and dedicated coins – that can either buy you the skin, or you can buy other resources (Skin Stones / CP / Heroes Equipment)
    Star it if you like it.
  • A. Thank you for the feedback, I’ve shared it with the team

Summer Season 2 Reset Time Issue

  • Q. Nexters. There is a serious defect that just has been introduced while I was asleep. The Summer Season 2 missions no longer resets off the personal game day based on player timezone, but now resets off the guild day reset. Please revert this! I need to do my daily activities when I get out of bed, not after the guild day resets. This is the reason the game has a timezone setting.
  • A. We’ve explained ourself and the reasoning behind this change in one of the posts. I hope you can get behind the idea of fixing the quests timers for everyone.

Concerns About Season Timing and Player Access

  • Q. Players who started a 30 day season <2 days before when the 28 day Eternal Summer 2 season launched will completely miss out on Eternal Summer 2, meaning they won’t receive any rewards or be able to acquire the exclusive summer skins for an entire year, even if they wanted to buy them. Worse, players in the same server are split into those who started a few days earlier and had their 30-day seasons end in time for ES2 to start and those whose seasons ended just a tiny bit later and completely missed out on everything, even free rewards. This is especially harmful on new servers where some people obtain a full season more of rewards and for people who main Iris. Given there’s more than two days between when Eternal Summer 2 ends and the next season begins, I’m sure there must be some way to enable people stuck in this situation completely outside of their control to get access to Eternal Summer 2. It even makes financial sense for Nexters since people are being blocked from purchasing the gold ticket even if they wanted to.
  • A. I don’t have an answer for that at the moment, but I will bring this up with the devs, we will see if there is a good solution

Autocomplete Quests After Seymour

  • Q. Suggestion: Let these autocomplete once you beat Seymour.
  • A. I’ve passed this on, but I don’t think that’s the design idea behind these quests. They are not necceserily about being particularly challenging, but they are about you engaging with a game. Even if it’s just go and utterly destroy a few enemies in missions.

Hero Soul Stone Chest Can Update ?

  • Q. Any update on when these heroes will appear in the Soul Stone chests: Mushy and Shroom, Amira, Iris, Kayla, Aiden, Julius
    Some have been out for a long while now, and can’t be obtained by newer players.
  • A. Well, it’s not answering the question about the Soul Stone chests, but now you have a bit more clarity on how to get these Heroes, right? And we will publish a Q&A/FAQ post soon where we will share a bit more about the situation with Grand Prize heroes being obtainable only once and being 5-star Heroes

Thea Sticker Interpretation

  • Q. I just took a closer look at the Thea sticker (ingame) and I was wondering: Are the green things supposed to be money/dollar bills? And is she pole-dancing on her own staff? Especially if you look at the position of her legs. So I ask myself, is Thea supposed to be a stripper in this sticker who is pole-dancing for money? (Feel free to star this question if you want an answer to that, too.)
  • A. I have no idea who draw them (that was a long time ago), and not sure what is happening there. So, no comment

CoW Shop Reward Suggestions

  • Q. To properly reward players for their efforts in Clash of Worlds, it would definitely makes sense if the CoW shop also had Red Gift of the Dominion for ~4500-5000 CoW Trophies and/or orange and red items (like Lycanthrope Fangs, Throwing knives, Evening Curfew, Chalice of Primordials, etc.) at a CoW medal cost proportionate to the value of the orange Gift of the Dominion, which is roughly 14-18 emeralds per CoW trophy. This is a repost, pretty much, as this idea was on the starboard multiple times already. Please star if you agree.
  • A. Passed this one to the developers, ty for the feedback

CoW Combat Training Improvement

  • Q. A nice game quality improvement would be on the CoW combat training to have a checkbox to only show heroes/titans you have left. Please star if you agree.
  • A. We have a few CoW-related QoL improvements in our backlog already, this one seems like a great addition to the roster

CT Hero Testing Issue

  • Q. when directly trying to access CT(combat testing) from CoW map, the hero testing fights do not work, pls look into this
  • A. Should have been fixed already, let me know if it is not

Addressing New Content Deployment and Game Stability

  • Q. When will Nexters programmers learn how to test before deploying updates to a production server? Any new content breaks the game…we’re wasting time
  • A. I don’t know a single big game with a busy live service support that doesn’t have any bugs after the feature release. We always strive to do better, and pretty glad that this time around there were no game-breaking bugs after quite considerable release, mostly minor visual issues and more serious Training Battles issues that are being worked on at the moment. Sorry about those, we will try to fix them asap Regarding the heavy animation – we can’t just reject any new technologies and effects, that will push away the majority of the potential new players, and without a flow of new players the days of any game are quite limited. That said, I hear your requests for animation toggle, will share those with the team!

Issues with the Facebook Version of the Game

  • Q. the game on phone in facebook version is broken since severals days
  • A. As far as I know, almost all Facebook games have this issue right now, nothing can be fixed from our side. But we can make a post suggesting players to launch the game via browser instead of app: open browser, log in to Facebook, go to our page and start playing. This way FB version of the game work just fine

Reporting the Atrium Bug

  • Q. I also recorded the Atrium bug, 2 out of 3 attempts to roll for souls ended in a crash. I did however receive the souls upon checking soul shop, so visual issue
  • A. Thanks for letting me know, thought it might have been a visual issue, but it’s good to have a confirmation. Still the issue that needs to be adressed, of course, but a little less pressing. Will report to the team directly

Main Updates and Game trends


How to Get Soul Stone

The Forgotten Treasury


The Forgotten Treasury All Quests

Cosmic Battle

Decoding Cosmic Battle BAN Specifications and Voting Patterns

Heroes That Could Possibly Save the Day in Cosmic Battle

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Wrath of the Earth

Soul Atrium

Understanding the 9 Differences Between Heroic Chest and Soul Atrium

Hero Rating

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The latest trends, Best heroes, Best teams

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Guild DASHIMAKI-TAMAGO 2023.Week33

Guild War:Web31-Gold league,Place 1

Guild Raid:Place 11

CoW: Season 4 Temporary Place 23


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