[Hero Wars Guide]Weekly Report 2023.Week31

[Hero Wars Guide] Weekly Report 2023.Week31
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Upcoming Events

* Trial of the Heavens disappeared and was replaced by a shopping event (The Forgotten Treasury)

Events in August

[Hero Wars] August Events

The official announcement has revealed 9 events, presented in no particular order and without known dates. Among these events, the dates for the following 5 are currently unknown.

1. Legacy of the Great Ones

5. Time of the Fearless( > Perhaps x4 sale)

6. Andvari Event

Perhaps an adjusted version of the Thea event.

8. PvP Event

Details unknown. Once took the form of a brawl.

Mojo’s Brawls

650k Subscribers LIVE STREAM!

The memorial gift is gorgeous

[Hero Wars] 650k Subscribers LIVE STREAM Rewords

Special Opportunity to Ask Questions to Hero Wars Producers

  • Taking place on the official Discord platform.
  • A dedicated channel has been established for this purpose.
  • The responder is the game producer, who might not be directly involved in the intricacies of combat logic.
  • The deadline to submit questions is 7 AM UTC on August 14th.
  • Limit of one question per individual.
  • Questions are required to be in English. Inquiries in languages other than English may reduce the likelihood of consideration.
  • Use of abusive language, hate speech, or similar behavior is strictly prohibited.
[Hero Wars] Ask Questions to Hero Wars Producers

Official Message

Hi everyone! Thank you all for sending us your weekly dose of questions and suggestions through our Starboard channel. We are doing our best to answer them regularly to the best of our knowledge and abilities. However, sometimes we cannot answer your questions because there is no clear answer, or we are simply not authorized to make any promises on the topic.

The good news is, we are getting backup. A producer will join us soon to address some of your most pressing questions. We don’t have a specific date for the Q&A yet, but we’d appreciate receiving your questions a bit in advance.

The team member joining us is a producer who focuses on the strategic development of the project. So, questions about very specific battle mechanics might not be his forte, just so you’re aware!

In order to answer as many questions from as many players as possible, we are introducing a few rules:

  • To leave a question for the upcoming Q&A, write down your question in the channel ⁠ask-the-dev 
  • Each person can post one question.
  • Questions must be in English. You may post a question in another language, but it might reduce the chance of it being answered, as some details and the overall meaning of the question could get lost in translation.

We will gather your questions until August 14th, 7 AM UTC. After that, we will stop collecting questions and will soon announce when the answers will be posted!

Official Community Manager FAQ

Titles are tailored to the content.

Probability Cheat in ToE

  • Q. For CMs, someone use script in toe ranking ?
    because cancel raid defense points.
  • A. The work on enhancing game security and overall stability does not stop. Recently, developers have protected a portion of game modes from invalid battles. After collecting the relevant analytics, this protection will most likely be extended to the remaining game modes.

Cheat for Accessing Secret Wealth Anytime

  • Q. Hey, I would like to know the actions of the developers towards the players who, using the popular third-party software, gained access to the Secret Wealth shop and use it. Now these players are getting a large amount of resources from it every day.
  • A. Developers are working on protective measures against such software.
Secret Wealth #2

Camera Work Issue in Wide Monitor Compatibility

  • Q. I have tried all the different screen settings for Web version of Hero Wars Dominion Era, and On battles where the opponent is pushed back, there is no longer the ability to see the opponents you are fighting, which can be important when trying to time manual attacks.
    Please raise this with the developers, as they used to have it where the camera would pan so that you could see what was happening at the far edges of the battle field.
  • A. This task is already in the works and will go to the game as soon as it’s done.

Bug in Guild Dungeon with Doors Ending in 7

  • Q. Have you announced when the developers will fix the strange bug in the dungeon that prevents you from entering some levels? For some reason, it only happens with doors that end in 7 (i.e., level 16,137 or 16,147), but not all of them. Nothing happens when you click on the door. It is easy enough to exit the dungeon and then re-enter it (and then the door will work), but it is rather annoying — especially when it happens multiple times a day. Thanks in advance for your help!
  • A. I’ve seen this task is in the works. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

Bug in Arena Power Display

  • Q. There seems to be a major bug in arena regarding power. As you can see in the first screenshot, my power is 880k. However, in the second screenshot, when someone is attacking me my power is only shown as 770k. This is a 100k difference in power. If it was a couple hundred power difference, it wouldn’t be a problem. But a difference of over 100k is a big deal.
  • A. This mishap occurs sometime. We’ll ask developers to check the matchmaking algorithm.

Equipment Chests for Seasons Rewards

  • Q. Nexters give us at least the red equipment chest 1, it contains items we need more regularly. The chest 2 is terrible, I don’t need the items, I still have two in my inventory because of that.
  • A. Developers take close attention to the feedback regarding rewards. Thanks we will pass it to them.
Equipment Chest

Unlock Beach Skin with Skin Stones

  • Q. Nexters please consider to make the beach skin available for unlock by skin stones. New players already enjoy the disadvantage/penalty of not having it sooner, not available from season. It makes sense to unlock it temporary once a year only, but we players appreciate it is fully unlocked when it is unlocked. At the end, the 5k skins stones took a while to save and same/similar $ to purchase. Thank you.
  • A. This is a rather ambiguous question. Initially, these hero skins were intended as a one-time exclusive. However, we constantly heard requests from players who also wanted to obtain them. This created a contradiction. On one hand, exclusivity for those who managed to get them and the desire to obtain them by others. In this season, these skins have become available for purchase again. However, they still maintain the status of ‘temporary exclusives.’ Based on the currently available information, we know for sure that they will reappear next year. How they can be obtained exactly, though, remains unknown, but we will definitely share your query with the developers – just like you, we (CMs) would love to see all the items be available through the gameplay means
Beach Skin List

Disappointed of the Frame in Summer Season 2

  • Q. I bought a Gold ticket for Summer Season 2 and am disappointed that the frame that comes with it is the same as the previous season frame. (There are many other disappointing points, but I will omit them here.)
    Even if it’s a low-valued ticket, many people buy Gold Tickets just for Iris’ Summer skin. So I think it’s dishonest to cut corners like this. I want to know your opinion.
  • A. Yes, it is disappointing. We have passed on all the feedback regarding this matter to the developers, and they agree with it. They will strive to make rewards for seasons exclusive and also add rewards from previous seasons so that players who did not have those seasons can obtain them

Equalize Gold Ticket Price with Gift Option

  • Q. I really like the idea of removing the gifting chain nonsense. Reducing the price for everyone would remove one terrible aspect of the seasons. The organization of the gift chain.
    It depends on the time zones, the availability and all the stuff. It would be much easier for everyone.
    So, CMs please reduce the price of the gold tickets for everyone. Everyone can buy the gold ticket by themselves, and if someone wants to gift it to someone who doesn’t want to pay for it, then you can still keep the gift option.
  • A. Hi! At first I thought this request is about the gift options, but you actually just want the Gold Ticket to be cheaper
    That’s completely understandable, and we will share the sentiment, but the cost of the Gold Ticket should be in line with its estimated value, and our developers team have very specific ways of measuring that. That said, we’ve already experimented with Seasons duration and cost recently, and these experiments might continue – who knows?
    And if we talk about the gift option – it is not about the price reduction (at least in the concept), but about the ability to give out other players something valuable if you have the desire and the means to do that. Of course, players have found in this mechanic a way to optimise their spending – and that’s totally fine, but doesn’t mean we should reduce the costs all around because of that. Regarding issues with time zones and and availability of seasons – these issues will be somewhat addressed/mitigated by our updated Seasons system that will ensure that in the future most players will all have the same Season active at the same time. Just like in majority of other games – Season is something that is happening in the game, not something that happens to each player individually and with no relation to other players.

About Seasons’ Heroic Chest mission

  • Q. About Season Events’ Heroic Chest mission
  • A. This mission was nerfed from 50 to 30 souls already, but it might be frustrating sometimes, I agree. However, I think, it might become easier to complete after upcoming “hero chest” rework.
[Hero Wars Guide] Seasons Heroic Chest mission

Dark/Light Titan Resource Unlock Timing

  • Q. In context of light and dark artifacts not available in Merchant shop and non availability of Light and Dark supers in the spheres :
     I am going to give you the benefit of doubt that you are not in the technical side of the game. If the devs have given you this response, that is total BS really.
    This is nothing more than parameterization of the game parameters and configuration. Should not take more than 15-20 mins to get this done.
    And if by any chance this needs a long winding code change, I have my 10 year old available for development and can do a 14.7 times better job than the developers.
    Both you and I and everyone knows that you are just trying to milk a bull here
  • A. Let me clarify. I try not to state any deadlines if I am not absolutely certain about them. Regarding this matter, I only conveyed the information that was passed on to me by the developers. And on this, I can confidently say two things:
    1. They have started working on it.
    2. They planned to add them in August.
    Unfortunately, I cannot provide more specific deadlines. Just like I cannot constantly poke them every day with a reminder.

Heroes Leveling Plans in This Year Updates

  • Q. Can you give us a broad overview on what “Hero Leveling Updates” means?
  • A. At this point it’s more of a design direction than a specific project (although we have a couple of concepts/drafts being discussed already), but in broad terms we would love to make some changes to the current Hero Levelling process, making it more user friendly and a bit more forgiving. We don’t have more details at the moment, but we will share them once we have something more concrete and something to show. I’ve seen some theories though, and I can tell you what it does not mean – it is not about adding Red + 3/4/5 ranks or raising the max hero level to 140 or anything else like that.
Important Game Updates for Players: How to Read

Request for Dutch Language Support

  • Q. In “This Year Updates” I noticed a New Language Support item. I do hope that it will include Dutch (Nederlands). Our guilds would like that.
    It would also be nice to be able to just change the name of the guild language into the name of your choice (so not to be dependent on the supported languages).
  • A. Hi! Thanks for the suggestion.

Improvement Request for Support Request Limits

  • Q. Look at this. Support won’t cancel my action, even if it’s within 24 hours and I don’t get any rewards. The reason is, I repeatedly used support. What? You should at least warn 1 time if you want to decline request with this reason. Change this support.
  • A. We are currently working together with the support team to improve the functionality of the chatbot. Thank you for providing us with such feedback. We will take it into account to enhance its performance
[Hero Wars] Improvement Request for Support Request Limits

Add some sort of additional confirmation pop-up for bundles

  • Q. Please add some sort of additional confirmation pop-up for bundles that you buy for emeralds (such as a confirmation button that is displayed right away, but becomes clickable after 3 seconds or so). When you launch the game in the morning, it’s not unlikely to accidentally click it as it appears out of the blue, and make a completely unintended purchase.
  • A. Lately, we have received a significant number of complaints about these offers. We have forwarded all of this to the development team and hope that they will make these purchase windows more convenient and accident-click-proof.
Precious Offer

Please remove the Flawless pet stones from Adventure 13

  • Q. Please remove the Flawless pet stones from Adventure 13. Just take them out of the available prizes. Removing them from Adventure 13s should increase the odds of getting Chaos Particles as a grand prize.
    There are several reasons why. At only 27 Chaos Particles, they have the same trade-in value as Excellent stones (kinda sucks but fine). A player can already get them from Adventures 10, 11, and 12. But IMO the most important reason is that by the time a player is knocking out Adventure 13s, they are much more likely to need Chaos Particles and getting a Flawless stone as a ‘grand prize’ is almost an insult. It takes a lot of time and effort to level up to Adventure 13s and as the last Adventure, it should be ‘special’. Right now, the Flawless stones are the equivalent of the game laughing at you with mockery and contempt.
  • A. As you can see, this proposal did not receive unanimous approval judging by the number of dislikes. However, nonetheless, we will still relay your request for changing rewards in this adventure to the developers

Usage of Elemental Tournament Coins

  • Q. will we ever be able to spend these coins when we already have all maxed out titans artifacts?
  • A. But what will you do when THE AIR TITANS WILL APPEAR? (just kidding) There are no plans for new resource exchange pont at the moment. (but everything might change)

Bad Luck Protection for Free Spheres

  • Q. Can we demand 4-5000 titan artifact spheres as Bad luck protection mark for each totem fragment ?
  • This is ridiculous that many people open those amount of spheres and never get anything and they tooks months to years to save them up.
  • A. That’s a tricky question. I’ll pass it to the devs.
What is Guaranteed Totem Drop

Reset Option for Anything Other Than Elemental Gifts

  • Q. thank God for the “reset” button in the gift of element…PLEASE have that button as well for glyph and all the leveling up pages so we can RESET our past mistakes. THANK YOU for your consideration.
  • A. I can’t promise anything at the moment, BUT I’ve heard that there are discussions among the developers on this topic. It’s possible that work in this direction will begin

Setting option for Closed Guilds

  • Q. It would be great, if devs implement an option to “close” guild. GMs would be able to accept player or decline him. Now every player can just join, and then need to be kicked if is to weak.
  • A. The idea of creating “closed guilds” is interesting, but don’t you think it could greatly hinder newcomers in the early stages of the game when guild participation is especially important for their development? However, we will discuss this with the developers. Perhaps it will work for high-ranking guilds

Add Search Function to Combat Training

  • Q. It would also be nice if they sort the heroes alphabetically or there’s a search option so we don’t scroll for a few minutes trying to find the heroes we need for max testing
  • A. This nice idea will go to our ever-growing list of QoL features.
Combat Training

The power: a broken battle mechanic

  • Q. Instead of requiring players to reduce the power of their heroes to game a broken battle mechanic, the Developers need to rework the energy system so that a maxed hero has a higher probability of victory than the same hero not maxed.
    Of course you want to have some ability for a lower power rank team to beat a higher power rank team, but this should come down to the skill of the player in team and pet selection
    For example, in a mirror match (where heroes, patronage and team pet are exactly the same), the team that has a higher power rank should be expected to win the majority of the time with the degree of victory determined by the difference in power. This should especially be the case with Dodge, as right now it is broken and it is usually the team with much lower Dodge that wins (or maybe this is just your developers manipulating the mechanic so that all the Dante players have to spend more).
    Where a lower power team should have an improved chance of winning is when the synergies between the 5 heroes and Pets that the player chooses ends up being the determining factor over a larger power difference, because this is where the player’s skill comes into the equation.
    There should not be a penalty for a player who buys too much Health Upgrades or Armor… that is just non-sensical. But that is exactly the system you have now with several heroes.
  • A. We understand your point of view. The combat mechanics in the game can be counterintuitive at times, especially for beginner players, but at the same time, it is also its distinguishing feature. It allows for effective victories using these or similar tricks, and many players value this knowledge. In the near future, we will not be changing the combat mechanics that have already proven to be engaging for thousands of players over the past 7 years. Even if any steps in this direction are ever taken, they will be done with utmost caution and supported by surveys and research to avoid disrupting the balance

Main Updates


Basics of Heroes Upgrade (Starter)


Which Healer to Upgrade in 2023

Best Heroes 2023



Corrupted Cleaver can beat by 2 heroes

Emerald Waterfalls

Emerald Waterfalls Tasks and Returns

A Portal Anomaly Tasks and Returns

Important Game Updates for Players: How to Read

Guild DASHIMAKI-TAMAGO 2023.Week31

Guild War:Web31-Gold league,Place 1

Guild Raid:Place 15

CoW: Season 4 Temporary Place 34


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