[Hero Wars Guide]Precious Offer

[Hero Wars]Precious Offer VIP15

Precious Offer Overview

  • Coming in July 2023.
  • Purchase offers using Emeralds.
  • Four types will be displayed, each available for purchase only once.
  • The offers displayed will vary between VIP levels 0-14 and VIP level 15.
  • There are three discounts based on Emerald equivalents calculated by the official system.
  • Emeralds spent in the Precious Sale will count towards completing quests in concurrent events (e.g., raging storms, etc.) that require Emeralds.
  • VIP15 Skin Stones are particularly worth considering. However, due to the high quality of the content, it has been set with a relatively lower sense of value compared to other options.

Precious Offer Notes

  • Purchases are confirmed the moment you click on them.
  • If you accidentally click the wrong button, contact support to have it restored to its pre-purchase state.
  • Offers that include Energy will have the Energy credited to your account immediately upon purchase.

Precious Offer Details (VIP0-14)

  • Emerald equivalents are not calculated using the official Hero Wars formula, but are based on Emerald acquisitions through regular means.
  • The price of Energy varies depending on the reference point, but it is calculated as 1 Energy = 1.5 Emeralds (based on Energy bottles in the town store).
  • Official prices are likely calculated with 1 Energy equal to 1.1 Emeralds.

Bundle 1: Worth 18,500 Emeralds (x1.9)

Bundle features: 600 Huge EXP potion, 10,000 Energy, 1,000,000 Gold

Bundle 2: Worth 37,800 Emeralds (x2.4)

Bundle features: 1,000 Skin Stone Chest, 15,000 Energy, 5,000,000 Gold

Bundle 3: Worth 117,500 Emeralds (x2.4)

Bundle features: 50,000 Essence of the Elements, 20,000 Energy, 350 Ancient Titan Artifact Chest

Bundle 4: Worth 122,500 Emeralds (x1.8)

Bundle features: 150,000 Pet Potion, 25,000 Energy, 10,000 Chaos Particle

Precious Offer Details (VIP15)

  • Emerald equivalents are not calculated using the official Hero Wars formula, but are based on acquiring Emeralds through regular means.

Bundle 1: Worth 90,000 Emeralds (x1.4)

Bundle features: 150,000 Titan Potion, 150,000 Titan Skin Stone, 1,000 Artifact Seal Chest

Bundle 2: Worth 96,000 Emeralds (x1.2)

Bundle features: 25,000 Intelligent Skin Stone, 25,000 Streangh Skin Stone, 25,000 Agillity Skin Stone

[Hero Wars]Precious Offer VIP15

Bundle 3: Worth 164,000 Emeralds (x1.4)

Bundle features: 500 Great enchantment rune, 12,000 Chaos Particle, 300,000 Pet Potion

Bundle 4: Worth 163,200 Emeralds (x1)

Bundle features: 500 Chaos Core, 100,000 Artifact Coin, 1,000 Flawless Artifact Chest

Bundle 4 lacks both appealing content and cost-effectiveness.

Event History

  • Saturday, July 08, 2023 (2 days)
  • Tuesday, July 25, 2023 (3 days)

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