[Hero Wars Guide]Artifact Seal Chest

[Hero Wars Guide] Artifact Seal Chest

About it

  • You can get x5 fragments of the 3rd artifact of the Water, Fire, and Earth Titans.
  • Artifacts of Dark and Light Titans have separate corresponding items and are not covered by this item.
  • You can choose which of the three types of artifacts you would like to obtain.
  • The first and second artifacts are handled by the Element Tournament Shop, but the third artifact is not covered. This makes them relatively difficult to obtain. This item complements it.
  • It is mainly a reward for the Titan Artifact event, and is also ejected from various root boxes, etc.
  • By selling the shards obtained with this item, you can exchange them for 6 Element Tournament Coins (30 for all 5 shards).
  • No use after all Titan artifacts are completed.


Inventory > Consumables > Click on the item, then Use > On the following screen, select the artifact icon, specify the number of pieces, and press Use.

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