[Hero Wars Guide]Weekly Report 2023.Week11

[Hero Wars Guide] Weekly Report 2023.Week11


Upcoming Events

April Events

If the past year is as usual,April Fool’s Day and Spring Rebirth will be held.

There will be an application on April 29 regarding light and dark totems

It may only be on the screen display, but something will be applied to the game data on April 29, at 00:00 UTC.
This suggests that Tenebris (super titan of dark) and Solaris (super titan of light) may be released at the end of April.

Masquerae skins visuals finalized

Candidates before finalization

Confirmed visuals

[Hero Wars] Masquerae skins 2023

Official Community Manager FAQ

Titles are tailored to the content.

Exchange the gazillions of unneeded pet potions for usefull pet stuff

  • Q. For 2 adventure 13-s (4 chests each) i got ZERO chaos particles…. can you please encourage the developers to review and improve this utterly ridiculous drop rate? Players who already do adv. 13 DO NOT NEED pet potions (maybe only in the first chests). But the others 3 should not contain any potions, rather much much more CP-s. Thank you. And while we are still at it, we are still unable to exchange the gazillions of unneeded pet potions for usefull pet stuff…. Despite requesting about 1.432.867.453 times. But all this only after upgrading guild battles please.
  • A. This is one of the most popular requests from our QoL-backlog, and we hope the developers will be to work on that in some foreseeable future. But that’s not in the plans at the moment, and as you know right now the team is working on Guild Battles update (among other things). It seems like it’s almost done, but I don’t want to jinx it!

More ascension skills

  • Q. More ascension skills. I don’t know why it’s been so long, but he is right. It’s been too long. They should probably be getting introduced about every other month so that eventually they catch up and all/a majority of the heroes get ascension skills sometime in the next 20 years.
  • A. We are reminding developers about that, I think they want to return to that too, but I don’t have any solid information to share at the moment. But thank you for bringing this up! :friendshipchip:

Price change to match the exchange rate

  • Q. Hi! Looks like there hasn’t been a price change to match the exchange rate for about 3 months. You mentioned before that you plan to do price changes about once a month, do you have any plans to do so in the near future?
  • A. Yep, the team wanted to make price updates more frequently, and I’ve seen the tasks, but then the focus has shifted. I will do my best to bring it back to their attention

Make more vip levels in the game

  • Q. dear nexters : would it be a idea to make more vip levels in the game ?currently you can keep adding vip points but your vip lvl is capped at vip lvl all those extra vip points above that go to would be nice to get something in return for your loyal players.
  • A. Got it

Mrs. Wheels with a guy’s hand

  • Q. Hi Andrew, Kirill, and Tony – based on all the available Wheels Turning live-streamed events we have so far, Tanya has the BEST track records for giving away GREAT gifts (large skin stone chests in particular) with good multipliers – all the guys & Today’s “Mrs Wheel with a guy’s hand” just cannot deliver. Please kindly request the Nexters Management to ordain Tanya to turn the Wheels in all coming events, PLEASE! Many thanks!
  • A. We can’t fire our mysterious “Mrs. Wheels with a guy’s hand”, she is protected by the labor union!

Main Updates


Happy Birthday, Dominion!

Archdemon Returns



Archdemon Hidden Quests Hints

Happy Birthday, Dominion Mini game stash

Guild DASHIMAKI-TAMAGO 2023.Week11

Guild War:Web31-Gold league,Place 1

Guild Raid:Place 7

CoW: Season 2 Temporary Place 17


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