[Hero Wars Guide]Weekly Report 2022.Week48

[Hero Wars Guide]Weekly Report 2022.Week48


Upcoming Events

Winterfest Present Update

The contents will change this year.

  • with Kayla Soul Stones and resources for upgrading Heroes, 
  • with resources for Pets, 
  • with resources for Titans that include Artifacts for Light & Dark Titans, as well as their Soul Stones, 
  • with Winter Skins, that will also contain 3 new Skins, 
  • an Ascension present that will contain significantly more 

CoW’s survey is back on!

If you are eligible, you will receive 500 Emeralds for answering.

Prices Revised in Accordance with Exchange Rates

  • Price revision in accordance with the exchange rate was implemented on December 8.
  • The company intends to revise prices about once a month from now on.

Official Community Manager FAQ

Titles are tailored to the content.

Application of exchange rates

  • Q. USD is still falling compared to many other currencies. Nexters changed prices for other currencies at peek time and greatly overdid with that. In the meanwhile several currencies at more than 10% more expensive than USD. When will Nexters fulfill the promise to change exchange rates in favor of the players and make it fair again? Or will Nexter at least remove the country lock for currencies so that all players can pay in any currency and not be forced to use a VPN in order to pay in the much lower USD rate?
  • A. A few weeks ago I’ve told you that we want to update our prices in accordance with the exchange rateы much more regular, and that still stands. If nothing goes wrong, there will be a price update soon in all currencies except USD. We are targeting for a price update every month or so, but we will see if we will be able to stick to that.

Will Aidan be the last hero for 2022?

  • Q. this question was asked during yesterdays livestream multiple times, but Daniel did not give a clear answer, so I have to repeat it here. “Will Aidan be the last hero for 2022?”
  • A. Hi! Yes, he will be. Only two Heroes are coming out this December. Kayla and Aidan are the only two heroes coming out till the end of this year.

The new hero’s localization name

  • Q. Hi. many people seem to be interested in the new hero. but in Japanese there is a problem with her.
    Kayla and Keira, they both appear with the same name in japanese. when we talk about heroes, we have to call them “ケイラ(new)” or “ケイラ(old)” in the chat. very confusing.
    from the sound of english, i think it’s correct that the new hero Kayla is translated as “ケイラ”. however, it’s more appropriate for Keira to be translated as “キーラ” given the sound and other examples of translation. some people have called her :keira: “キーラ” before.
    in any case, i hope they will be changed to be distinguishable.
  • A. Thank you for letting us know, guys! We are aware of this issue and a similar issue with their names in Chinese. Sorry about that, we will update the translations a little bit later, the localization team is on it already!

Update winterfest wishlist

  • Q. since the introduction of the new light and dark totem balls, can you add them both at winterfest wishlist? So that people can pick 3 different totems as wish. It will be fair to to everyone since it’s close to impossible to get a single totem without spending hundreds of $$$
    Also it won’t “punish” Nexter that much as the player need 30 fragments in total, so it would still be 30 years to guaranteed all totems.
    Please don’t be greedy and add the light & dark totem balls on the winter claus wishlist.
  • A. The Winter Claus wishlist won’t be changed this year most likely, but the prizes for the top present givers/takers in the Winterfest will be slightly updated

Hero soul stones quests in 3 events

  • Q. 3 events requiring tons of hero soul stones in a row is a bit much, I’ve run through all of my stash. Unless I spend loads on heroic chests (which I won’t), this event is a dud for me.
  • A. You don’t have to max all the events. We have lots of events for players with different needs and preferences, you won’t be able to complete all the events for 100% all the time – that’s okay, you just choose your priorities

Advent calendar will continue to be bugged

  • Q. These items from the advent calendar will continue to be bugged because they are equipment and not fragments but are now just in the fragment inventory and unusable.
  • A. Hi! This issue was fixed, the “fragments” were replaced with the real things

Clash of Worlds QoL

  • Q. The way to make Clash of Worlds more tolerable:
    1. Only two fights/week – GIVE US OUR SATURDAY BACK!!!!!
    2. Reduce the season to 4 weeks
    3. Quintuple the gifts – this is a TON of work for absolutely shite rewards.
    CoW is pretty universally hated by our guild and also with people I talk to outside our guild. Why? It goes on forever, takes Saturday away from RL, and the rewards suck ass. Fix this please!
  • A. Thanks for the feedback, guys, we continue relaying this information to the devs. From what I understand, we still stick to the QoL-updates for the end of Season 1 and the start of Season 2, but maybe we will change something later along the way.

Export Data

  • Q. Now that we can export Data in CoW wars, we would like to be able to export Data in Arena and regular Guild Wars as well.
  • A. Don’t about the Arena, but it might be added to Guild Wars later on

Main Updates


Guardians of Outland


Brog the Conqueror

Outland Guide

Preparation for Winterfest

Advent Calender

Guild DASHIMAKI-TAMAGO 2022.Week48

Guild War:Web31-Gold league,Place 1

Guild Raid:Place 14

CoW: Season1 Temporary Place 12


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