[Hero Wars Guide]Preparation for Winterfest

[Hero Wars Guide]Preparation for Winterfest

Preparations for the Winter Festival

  • Winter Festival is the biggest event of Hero Wars.
  • You can enjoy it better by preparing in advance!
  • The information presented here is based on specifications from previous years, but is subject to change.


Stock up on materials for quests

There will be a variety of quests in this event.

List of quests with advance preparation

New hero upgrade quests

  • Each year, there is an advance explanation from the official, so it is possible to clear the quests reasonably well by estimating the basic upgrade type and gathering equipment.
  • For example, 2022 is a healer/magician hero, so it is safe to collect materials for the Book of Prophecies.
  • Also, the Trine(Minotaur’s Head, Hand of Glory, Desert Blade), are needed by all heroes. It is recommended to preserve some of them.
New Hero upgrade for the Winterfest

Plan for Letter to Winter Claus

  • Not a guaranteed acquisition, but an extremely important item will be given away!
  • Aim for the Totem Sphere, and if you get it, you can control the BLP!
  • The only opportunity to get raid tickets.

Letter to Winter Claus

We’ll have Emeralds.

  • There is usually only one x4 sale at the beginning of the year.
  • This event is easier to play if you have some Emeralds.

Emerald x4 Sale

Think about the rankings

  • The rewards for ranking, which are held on a per-server basis, are important.
  • You should set your goals and budget in light of your own enhancement plan to ensure a reasonable playing experience!

Winter Festival Ranking Rewards

Determine if you need a Winter Skins

  • If you need a Winter Skins, it is recommended to prepare 30,000 emeralds or more in some way. You can’t target the skins you want, so it’s a matter of luck or being prepared to complete.
  • If you need a Winter Skins, we recommend that you join a guild with at Gold or Silver League. As in previous years, you can get 2 Skins for achieving the overall guild score.
  • If you don’t get Winter Skins by exchanging gifts with other players, you will need twice as many Emeralds. Definitely avoid guilds where you are the only one collecting!

Winter Skin List


  • The most notable aspect of this event is choosing a guild.
  • Because exchanging gifts and decorating the tree is important. And it is guild-based.
  • For guilds that cannot exchange gifts, Winter Skins are especially problematic. Winter Skins are only available once a year, during this event, and many of them are important!
  • Decorating the tree depends on the total strength of the guild. And especially in the second half of the year, Titan materials are available; in 2022, there will be a revision of the gift content, which may lead to a superior strengthening of light and dark titans!
  • Even with similar playing, there can be a difference of several hundred thousand emeralds worth of reinforcement between enrolled guilds!

What is the Winterfest Mutual Exchange?

Winterfest Guild Tree

Supplementary information on how to choose

  • First, look at the Guild’s Activity.
  • There are a thousand different guilds on different servers, even if they are the same Gold League guild. It is recommended not to deny moving servers. Guild raids and CoW rankings are also helpful.
  • Guilds also have their own way of thinking, so if there is a guild you are interested in, it would be a good idea to talk to people in that guild and see how compatible they are.


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