[Hero Wars Guide]Advent Calender

[Hero Wars Guide]Advent Calender

What is the Advent Calendar?

  • Comes as a login bonus for December in Hero Wars!
  • You can receive it as a reward in addition to the regular login bonus.
  • The timing of the system update will change daily.

Video of the list of rewards

In 2023

It is told here.

Winter Pass

  • Golden Slots rewards will be tripled.
  • Mainly Soul Stones.
  • Eligible heroes vary from year to year.
  • Official description says it’s worth 20,000 emeralds equivalent.
  • 200 VIPs.

Official Community Manager FAQ

Winter Pass Specifications

  • Q. I have a few questions about the Advent Calendar :
    1.  Is the $3.39 a one time fee?  or daily fee?
    2.  if you get the 3.39, do you get VIP points as well?
    3.  On the livestream, Daniel said you can purchase the pass at any time and you can claim the x3 for previous days, is that correct?
    4.  If you purposely did not claim for one day, like 10 Kayla ss for day 1, can you claim it later, like day 24 if you desire?  Maybe save those ss for quests?
  • A.
    1. One time fee
    2. Not sure tbh
    3. That’s correct
    4. Yes, you can claim the rewards later

Some people get to unlock all 30 days

  • Q. it’s not fair that some people get to unlock all 30 days of gifts in a single day in advent calendar due to some bug whereas we have to wait for 30 days to collect them all.
  • A. Hey guys! We are aware of the fact that some players were able to claim all the Gifts one the day one. It’s not as bad as it seems as other players will be able to get all the same rewards, just not at once. But we are bummed out that for some players it’s not an “advent calendar” anymore.
    The developers are looking into both the “whole calendar at a time” thing and into Items issue with Siege Crossbow and Blade Bow and discussing possible solutions at the moment. Thank you for letting us know!

All Rewards

With Gold Ticket

Without Gold Ticket

Event History

  • Thursday, December 01, 2022 (31 days)
  • Friday, December 01, 2023 (31 days)

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