[Hero Wars Guide]Cyber Monday

[Hero Wars] Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday Overview

  • Bundle sales to be held on the last day of Cybercon (Nov. 29, 2021).
  • In the past, this has only been done once a year, for 24 hours each year!
  • Three types of skin stones.
  • If you purchase all three types of the first level, the second level will be available.
  • 1st level: 10,000 skin stones for 1,557JPY.
  • 2nd level: 20,000 skin stones for 2,335JPY.
  • The 2nd level is better value than the 1st level, but you have to buy the entire first level!
  • You need to buy all 6 to maximize the cost performance.
[HeroWars] Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is better than buying Skins

  • The first step is the same price as buying the Skins directly.
  • Direct skin purchase is “Skin + Skin stone x3,500”.
  • If you buy skins in the first stage of Cyber Monday, you will get “Skin + Skin Stone x5,000”.
  • The difference is “Skin Stone x1,500”.
[Hero Wars]Cybernetic Skins

Cyber Monday is not beneficial for VIP15 people

  • Emerald x4 sale and Outland can be combined to earn skin stone.
  • Same amount as 1st level: Expected value “Skin Stone x13,328”.
  • Same amount as 2nd level: Expected value “Skin Stone x19,985”.
  • This expected value is calculated assuming that the Outland Coin are used to purchase skin stones.
  • If you run Outland in conjunction with a limited time quest, Outland will also give you more for the quest.
  • It is worth considering if the x4 sale is not fast enough for your growth.
  • If you have a very low VIP, Cyber Monday is a better deal.
You can get Skin Stone with Outland Coin.

Cyber-con and Black Friday are held at the same time

  • Cyber Monday is the last day of Cyber-con, which is held on Monday.
  • This is also the last day of Black Friday.
  • However, it will not be held at the same time as the Emerald x4 Sale.

For more information about Cyber-con and Black Friday, please refer to the following.


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