[Hero Wars Guide]Rufus Rakashi’s Oath

[Hero Wars Guide]Rufus Rakashi's Oath

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Rufus Resurrection Skill

How does the Rufus Resurrection Skill, the Rakashi’s Oath, work?

It is a very powerful skill, but if you are not familiar with it, you may think it is not what you expected… 

  • There is no status required to resurrect, and it is excellent out of low power. However, Health recovery depends on magic attack.
  • It does not work except for the stopping blow. Skill to recover Health and revive only for lethal damage.
  • Opponents have several ways to disable it, and Morrigan is hard counter.

About resurrection skills

  • Does not work on physical damage in any way.
  • Activated when magic damage and pure damage reduce Health to 0 or less.
  • Usability is not so much that it can’t be defeated, but rather that it is a powerful resurrection skill that recovers a lot of Health (it depends on magic attack, so low power is limited).
  • With Rufus, which is about purple with low HP, it can be tuned so that every time it revives, it recovers all of its Health. This allows for a series of Armor buffs.
  • Even with this skill, there is a pattern of accidental death from the slight physical damage of the rear guard’s normal attack, so it is not possible to be overconfident.

Resurrection skill counters

  • There are heroes who can disable resurrection skills and heroes who cannot, so it is useful for both offense and defense.
  • If the opponent team with Morrigan, it will always be disabled. It is possible to revive after Morrigan is defeated.
  • If the opponent team with Jet, it is disabled only while receiving a potion of fatigue. Fatigue is a debuff, so if you cut the debuff, you will be fine.
  • Unlike Astaroth‘s resurrection, Celeste‘s recovery reversal does not disable it. The amount of Health recovery at the time of resurrection is high.
  • Unlike Astaroth’s resurrection, Amira‘s decoy cannot disable resurrection. This can be interpreted as because Rufus is not a skill to protect someone, but a skill to revive Rufus himself.

Differences from Astaroth’s Resurrection

Please refer to the following

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