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Event Guide

  • Limited-time discounts on pet equipment enhancements.
  • Primarily held in conjunction with the “A Portal Anomaly” event.
  • Offers a one-time enhancement for pet equipment, resembling a pet version of the Rarity Fair.
  • Unlike the Rarity Fair, it comes with a discount.
  • The discount, unlike a sale events or Discount day!, is presented through Mira appearing on the main menu.
  • There’s a limit on the number of times the service can be used, typically 6 times.
  • Pet Stones that have not completed the adventures stage release can still be enhanced.

Details of the Discount

  • Pet equipment can be done with Chaos Particles or Emeralds, but the Emerald amount only required is calculated by Mira the Pet Master.
  • If planning to use emeralds for pet equipment, it’s advisable to wait for the Mira the Pet Master event unless immediate pet strengthening is necessary.
  • Most beneficial when none of the pet equipment has been made, as Mira the Pet Master provides base stones for free.
  • Using Mila without equipping pet equipment stones allows conservation of stones for other pets. Extra stones can also be exchanged with Pet Master Mila.
  • During the Emerald Waterfalls, it is subject to the Emerald Usage Quest, allowing a pattern of using a small amount over multiple days for additional benefits.
[Hero Wars Guide] Mira the Pet Master

Treatment of Pet Stones

  • Initially, pet stones (equipment) are believed to have had a dedicated emerald unit price.
  • It is assumed that they were changed to free during the process.
  • This change was not explained, so it is unclear if it will be maintained in the future.

Difference from Gift of Sanctuary

  • Both Gift of Sanctuary and Mira the Pet Master offer all of a pet’s equipment.
  • Gift of Sanctuary provides all equipment in one item, while Mira the Pet Master provides the missing emerald in a calculated amount.
  • Gift of Sanctuary is best used at the highest ranks with no equipment, while Mira the Pet Master can be utilized during the middle of training within a budget range.

Gift of the Sanctuary

Pets Ineligible for Mira the Pet Master

  • To equip a pet stone, the target pet must reach a certain level with a pet potion.
  • Pets that cannot be equipped due to insufficient level are ineligible for Mira the Pet Master.
  • If they raise their level and meet the conditions during the event period, they can then use it. (If the screen display does not change at this time, a browser reload is necessary.)

Pet Potion

Timing When Mira the Pet Master Is Not Suitable

  • Not suitable for the highest rank enhancement of rarely used team pets (Accompany, not patron).
  • Since equipment for team pets is also charged with emeralds.
  • For example, Axel and Horus are good candidates, but Mara and Fenris at purple +3 are better equipped with Chaos Particles. Since team pets have limited utility and need only half of the right-side equipment, prioritize spending emeralds on stats needed for frequently used heroes and pets rather than unnecessary stats!

Examples of pets popular for both Companions and Patrons: Axel

Examples of pets similar to Patron-exclusive pets: Mara

Companion Pet Ranking

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