[Hero Wars Guide]Heroes of the Day

[Hero Wars Guide]Hero of the Day

What is Heroes of the Day?

  • Held irregularly.
  • During the designated period, the appearance rate of the five designated heroes in the “Heroic Chest” will be increased.
  • The amount of the five heroes who are eligible will be doubled.
  • The five eligible heroes will be selected from heroes who have not been absolutized.
  • The 5 heroes will be different for each player, and each player’s training status will be taken into consideration.
  • In the case of a multi-day event, a different hero tends to be selected each day.
  • Cleavers will never be selected.
  • Heroes that are not originally released in the “Heroic Chest” will not be selected for the prize.

Heroes of the Day technique

  • Heroes of the Day, like the event, switches at the system update time.
  • If the event is held over multiple days, you can update eligible heroes by waiting for the system update
  • You can use an extra day of free play by interspersing the daily timing

Heroes of the Day a good deal?

  • In my opinion, you should not spend emeralds on the Heroic Chest unless you really want the Creaver.
  • By the way, as of 2022.5, I can say that Cleaver is not a strong hero (he has his own uses, but if you ask me if I would raise him as a priority over other tanks, I am in the minority in making that decision).
  • The management is aware that the treasure chests of heroes are not well priced, so they have come up with this as a remedy.
  • Incidentally, perhaps because of the low discount, only the “Heroic Chest” is discounted by 60% in the sale event.
  • In conclusion, it is recommended to ignore this advertisement.

Relationship with Holiday Events

  • The Holiday Event ( Winterfest ) also has a Hero of the Day, but it is a different event with the same name.
  • The Hero of the Day is a hero that is picked up daily during the event period.



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