[Hero Wars Guide]War Flags in CoW Use

War Flags Now Available in CoW

  • With the addition of the corresponding game mode, they can finally be used in CoW!
  • Here is a case study of how they were actually used.
  • At the time of writing this article, War Flags and Patterns do not correspond to Combat training, so the win rate is unknown.

Attack Team 1 (Aurora and War Flag of Fervor)

  • We are countering Dante by increasing Aurora’s skill activation rate and attacking Engineers!
  • Aurora is a highly suitable tank for attacks on Engineers, who are likely to engage in a skill battle with their opponents.
  • The effect of the War Flag can make it easier for the attacker to use their skills.

Attack Team Heroes : Aurora, Maya, Sebastian, Phobos, Lilith
Defense Team Heroes : Arachne, Dante, Sebastian, JorgenFafnir

Attack Team 2 (Khorus and War Flag of Pet Strength)

  • The opponent’s defense formation heavily debuffs with Liane and Fafnir. Additionally, buffs increase the turnover rate of the opponent’s skills.
  • Even if you try to cut the debuff with Sebastian, you may be saturated in no time. On the other hand, it consists only of debuffs that can be counteracted by Khorus!
  • In such a case, the debuff cut by Khorus is appropriate, and at the same time, the pet War Flag is extremely effective.

Attack Team Heroes : Alvanor, Amira, Orion, Aidan, Thea
Defense Team Heroes : Astaroth, Ishmael, Sebastian, Lian, Fafnir


Attack Team 3 (Rufus and War Flag of Fervor)

  • The armor buff by Rufus, whose durability is low to begin with and whose armor buff activation rate is high, is utilized to activate the armor buff even more often.
  • As a result, it can stand to protect Heidi well!
  • Since this is an attack on a city hall, one might think that a War Flag that inhibits the recovery rate would be preferable. However, since this formation uses Biscuit and Celeste, it is fully capable of inhibiting recovery.

Attack Team Heroes : Rufus, Celeste, Nebula, Heidi, Iris
Defense Team Heroes : Dante, Nebula, Aidan, Iris, Dorian

Setting the Patterns

Although it is not yet time to make the best use of the pattern in both offense and defense, it is set up as follows:

War Flag of Fervor

War Flag of Pet Strength

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