[Hero Wars Guide]Winterfest Insights for 2023 Add Hero of the Day

[Hero Wars] 2023 Winterfest Coming

New Character, Skins, and More Rewards

New Hero: Polaris

  • Typically, heroes introduced towards the end of the year tend to have a significant lead before their Soul Stones become generally available!
  • Polaris is poised to be a formidable hero!
  • It’s advisable to consider collecting Soul Stones for this character.


The Stranger from Frigid Space

Vex’s Soul Stone

  • Vex’s Soul Stone remains locked.
  • Recently, the release of Soul Stones for newly introduced characters has been delayed, and Vex is no exception!
  • Especially if Polaris doesn’t pique your interest, acquiring Vex’s Soul Stone is a worthwhile investment!


New Skins for Light and Dark Titans

[Hero Wars] 2023 Winterfest titan skins
  • Elemental Armor and Elemental Weapon are now accessible.
  • These skins target the Light and Dark Titans, with their stats effective exclusively against these titans. Consequently, they hold less significance than regular skins!
  • Due to these reasons, these skins might be a disadvantage in the Elemental Tournament (ToE) * ToE matchups are supposed to be determined by the top 5 power Titans you own.
  • Mort and Iyari might exhibit more effectiveness in certain areas if their skills activate earlier. Considering this, it’s worth questioning whether these skins are truly necessary.
  • However, due to limited availability, if affordable, it might be prudent to retain them.

My Mort

Personally, Mort remains practical even at this power.

My Mort Attack Sumple

Here are some instances of Mort’s attack against opponents with weak elemental armor.

Winter Fest Season! (Triumph of Light, Triumph of Darkness)

Winter Skins

  • There are several must-have heroes for this event.
  • If you’ve recently joined Hero Wars this year, we recommend collecting these skins, even if it requires changing guilds!
  • Securing the new winter skins, Corvus and Morrigan, will depend on the content, but we aim to obtain them!

Winter Skin List

Event Specifications for 2023

Event Overview

  • The event duration has been adjusted to 10 days instead of the previous 14 days.
  • Add Winter Fest Season. Featuring a new Titan skins as the gold ticket rewards for the Winter Fest Season.

Changes in Gift Box Specifications

  • Hero’s Gift: The target hero has been switched from Kayla to Polaris.
  • Pet Gift: Previously offering 1,000 Pet Potions, it now provides 5 Vex’s Soul Stone.
  • Titan’s Gift: It has been segmented into light and dark versions, with the only distinction being between Light Fragments and Dark Particles.
  • Skinstone Gift: The reward upon completing Skinstone has been enhanced from Skinstone x1,500 to Skinstone x3,000. This marks a significant upgrade in this particular change.
  • Ascension Gift: No changes have been made to this gift.

Hero of the Day on 2023

Concerning Cheating at the Winter Festival

Hidden Quest and Mini Game

It is anticipated to follow the same content as in previous years.

Winterfest Hidden Quest

Winterfest Mini Game

Event Guide

Preparation for Winterfest


Letter to Winter Claus


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