[Hero Wars Guide]Setup of War Flags and Patterns

Building a Winning Setup: Strategies for Success

When crafting your setup for battle, it’s crucial to consider the current gaming environment and how your choices will contribute to victory. Additionally, keep in mind that once a pattern is set on a banner, it can be costly to change, so let’s explore optimal setups with this in mind.


War flag of Pet Strength

  • In the current environment, there are many tank-less teams, and a flag that inhibits healing will not work against a healer-less team.
  • The most versatile option among the three types of flags is the pet flag, offering flexibility and adaptability.

Focus on Armor Pattern

  • Prioritize the armor pattern as it enhances your resilience against physical teams, which are prevalent in the current environment.
  • With many players utilizing Dante, having a high armor pattern will provide a significant advantage in countering most teams.

Team Configuration

Mage Teams

  • Many mage teams opt not to include Sebastian, with Khorus being a more common choice due to its compatibility with the pet banner.
  • In 2024, the prevailing strategy in heroic battles involves attacking with a magic team while defending with a physical team or Amira.
  • Considering this, it’s advisable to configure the pet banner pattern for the magic attack team.
  • Specifically, prioritize setting the pet banner for Magic Attack, Armor, and Magic Defense.
  • This combination of flag and pattern is crucial for successful engagements in guild battles and CoW, making it a top priority if you possess a reasonable amount of Hero Power.

Physical Attack Teams

  • Many physical attack teams incorporate Sebastian, which reduces Celeste’s role as a healer.
  • Hence, it’s viable to configure a pattern for the Physical Attack team’s War Flag of Decline.
  • Specifically, prioritize setting up the rWar Flag of Decline with patterns for Physical attack, Dodge-blocking, and Armor. This prioritization is due in part to the low base Magic defense of most physical attack team members. It’s important to note that Magic defense, even with some buffs, cannot withstand the penetration of magic DPS. Thus, allocating resources inappropriately only leads to increased losses.
  • This flag, combined with Physical Acceleration + Dodge Block, is well-suited for Dante, particularly because dodge block serves as an effective countermeasure against Aurora and Heidi.
  • The primary objective of this buff is to achieve +11% Physical Attack (red +3). Sebastian’s first skill is accelerated, particularly effective against Lian Solo.

Tank Attack Teams

  • Maximizing Aurora’s potential, a key player in the assault team post-Ascension release, necessitates a tank flag. In addition, assault tanks such as Galahad, Mushy and Shroom, and Julius have their own standing!
  • Specifically, a setup like Aurora + Amira warrants a pattern comprising Magic attack, Magic Defence, and Armor.
  • While exclusive to tanks, this configuration proves to be the most effective Battle Flag as a standalone entity. It suits players who frequently deploy Aurora and those unwilling to compromise on tank training for high-difficulty attacks. Note: Players focusing on DPS training often face resource allocation challenges.

Creating a Universal Slot Flag

  • Replacing patterns incurs emerald costs after reaching the purple color tier.
  • Therefore, it’s advisable to enhance one flag later on.
  • By utilizing only white, green, and blue flags, pattern changes can be made using only gold.

Example Formation

Pairing an Amira team with a Dante team

Combining a Magic Team with a Tank Team

Regarding the Future

  • This theory is subject to change with the introduction of new flags.
  • If a team requires emerald removal due to buffs, reconfiguration may cause psychological stress.
  • As the game evolves, current theories may alter. Players, especially non-paying ones, are advised to make decisions carefully.

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