[Hero Wars Guide]Weekly Report 2024.Week07

[Hero Wars Guide] Weekly Report 2024.Week07


Upcoming Events

* Announcements only

Event Calendar Format

[Hero Wars Guide] Event Calendar 2024 Week07

* Announcements only

Clash of the Titans Event Announced

  • Rigel will be the featured titan in the upcoming event.
  • Players can anticipate the chance to obtain Amon Iyari’s skins, like the Bruster version.
  • However, the necessity of these skins is up for debate, with some players questioning their value and opting to skip acquiring them altogether.

Clash of the Titans (Brustar’s Brawls)

Daredevil Art Update

  • The Daredevil game art has been updated!
  • New animations can be seen in the Soul Atrium
  • If Lars’ precedent is followed, Daredevil may be featured in the next Hero Event!
[Hero Wars] Daredevil

Meme Contest to be held

  • Hero Wars memes only.
  • Rewards are 10,000 emeralds and a Soulstone Treasure Chest worth 300 Soulstones.
  • In conjunction with this contest, a meme has been created and circulated unofficially to poke fun at guilds that cheat. This may not be shared officially.

Official Message (Meme Contest!)

Spring is almost here, and to lift everyone’s spirits let’s have some fun. Introducing the Meme Contest! Tap into your imagination and sense of humor to create a funny meme picture. Try to capture funny gaming situations in the world of Dominion and its Characters. When the contest ends, we’ll share all the best submissions! 

Contest Rules:

  • Create a meme related to the “Hero Wars” theme and submit it through our designated Google form
  • Include your Account ID in the submission form. It can be located by tapping on your avatar within the game.
  • A maximum of 2 submissions per participant will be accepted.
  • Your submission must be original and your own creation. We will not accept borrowed images. Entries that do not feature characters from Hero Wars: Dominion Era or are unrelated to the theme will be disqualified.

Check out the full contest details and rules by clicking HERE
Amazing rewards await the winners – 5 lucky ones will get 10000 emeralds and 3 Hero Soul Stone Chests!
Entries are accepted till March 6, 5 AM UTC. We will choose and announce the winners by March 11. We’re waiting for your masterpieces!

[Hero Wars] Meme Contest 2024

Latest comic

  • After Keira in 2023, a comic about Lian is about to be released!
  • Maybe there will be a new hero!
  • If it’s the same as last time, there will be gift codes available for the comics that are released.

End of Free Boxes Feature

  • The video rewards, located on the left side of the main menu, have been discontinued.
  • While it’s not entirely clear what this entails, such as the ability to collect skin stones through unlimited replay without payment, it’s explained that this change is due to technical reasons.

Official Message – Rewarded Videos Experiment Ended

  • Important news! Today we are turning down our experimental feature with rewards for watching videos available to some players.
  • During our tests, we’ve encountered technical issues repeatedly reported by players, leading to the current decision. We reserve the possibility of reintroducing it later at some point with meaningful changes, but for now, we are turning it down for all players.

Free Boxes

Official Community Manager FAQ

Titles are tailored to the content.

February Update

  • Q. Does anyone know when the February update will take place?
  • A. I will sound incredibly comedic, but this update will take place SOONER than ever before.

Question about the necessity of Skinstone quests

  • Q. Earlier emerald coin hero events had
        * quests to level up the skins of any hero.
        * quests to level up the skins of the featured hero.
        * Recent emerald coin hero events have not had any quests to level up the skins of heroes.

    I am not advocating for or against events with skin leveling quests.
    I am advocating for transparency and communication.

    1. What is the designers’ thoughts about the skin leveling quests?
    2. I am curious why they were removed from the emerald coin hero events.
    3. Other than winterfest (or sometimes other new hero events) what is the likelihood that there be other events that have quests to upgrade hero skins?
    4. How about doing a quick in game player survey to ask the opinion of this? Here are some sample questions.
        * How much do you like quests to level up skins of a particular hero?
        * How much do you like quests to level up skins of any hero?
        * How much do you like quests to reach skin level XX of a particular hero’s skin?
        * How much do you like quests to reach a total skin level of XX for a particular hero?
        * Would you prefer to save skin stones for quests or spend them as soon as you get them?
        (It would also be great if the survey results were shared with everyone here on discord or on your website)
  • A. Developers have a wide range of channels through which they gather feedback on events and features in the game – this includes both active analysis of feedback and comments, regularly conducted in-game surveys, as well as analysis of in-game metrics. The results of these surveys and tests are not always allowed for publication, as this may violate principles of personal information protection and\or compromise valuable business information and know-how.

The name of the Insignias is too vague, I want it to be explicit

  • Q. Can we get the valor, composure, kindness etc insignias renamed to what they’re actually for, eg “Kindness insignia” becomes “Support insignia”
  • A. Hello! Yes, your suggestion sounds reasonable. I will bring it up for discussion with the game designers. Perhaps indeed, it’s worth renaming the to better reflect the function they serve. This will simplify understanding

I want to specify the opponent’s power in combat training

  • Q. New idea for Combat Training, we should be able to copy teams we want to battle in combat training, so we can get accurate results in the battle we are trying to replicate. Now it isn’t reliable, since we can only test in current or in max, so this will not give the best results. My solution is a small circle button on the left of the team, just like titan totems. This would make life WAY easier for us. Please star this so the CM’s might do something
  • A. I will bring it to the discussion.

I want to remove the pet from the phone operation

  • Q. That X only happens when we mouseover, so on touch screen without mouseover, we cannot remove patron pet.
    Nexters, please show that x without having to mouseover, so players on phone or tablet can remove patron pets.
  • A. Hi! Oh, thank you for noticing this non-obvious point. I’ll pass this on to the interface design team

I want an option to disable animations

  • Q. The game gets slower and slower and more stuff is put in, everything is now animated. I have a very bad performnace and a lot of crashes. If you do a lot of battle testing you will get always a crash for sure. We need a option to deactivate animations for the game, the simple ones like the title screen or the animated backgrounds. The alternative would be the developers get the performance better …
    On mobile its not playable, crashes every 10 minutes on a desktop is incomprehensible slow. Please stop adding more and more animated stuff before you get the performance issue fixed
  • A. Unfortunately (or fortunately), progress never stands still, and the game is constantly evolving to keep up with modern trends. Many technical solutions become impossible on outdated devices. While developers focus on optimization, achieving 100% functionality on all types of devices is sometimes not possible. As for the optional feature to “disable visual “bells and whistles”,” I will pass this on to the developers.

I want the support response after reporting a bug to be transparent

  • Q. “Do you encounter this again after the recent fix (Heidi vs Sebastian)? If yes, please open a support ticket and attach the battle replay. This will help us investigate this case”
    I’m sorry, but at that point the offer to open a ticket already sounds like an offer to go screw yourself. Over the past few years, not a single bug that I have reported there has never been fixed, unless it is a gamebreaking bug that affects everyone. I’m talking specifically about bug reporting, support responds to individual requests, but when you open a ticket about a bug, there is no feedback. I don’t know whether the bug was handed over to the developers or there was not enough info, whether it was decided that it was not a bug but a feature, whether it was assigned such a low priority that a fix could be expected in a couple of years, I don’t even know if anyone read my ticket at all. It’s like I’m talking to a wall.
  • A. I will bring up this issue for discussion with the support team. Your case highlights that players don’t always understand at what stage their technical issues are being addressed by the support service. Perhaps support specialists will consider ways to make the communication process more transparent.

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Guild DASHIMAKI-TAMAGO 2024.Week07

Guild War:Web31-Gold league, Place 1

Guild Raid:Place 15

CoW: Season 6 Temporary Place 2


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