[Hero Wars Guide]Weekly Report 2024.Week06

[Hero Wars Guide] Weekly Report 2024.Week06


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Event Calendar Format

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Deleted events

  • The Titan event “Night and Day” scheduled for February 23rd has been cancelled.
  • It may be revived at another time in the future.

Official Community Manager FAQ

Titles are tailored to the content.

Timeline for Fixing the Bug Disabling Sebastian’s Ability to Neutralize Heidi’s Poison

  • Q. THIS WEEK is a joke, right? In fact a pretty bad joke… GW and CoW wars are ongoing with most players using Seb and / or Heidi… So this bug actually can largely affect the outcomes. Please fix ASAP. 1-2 days, but rather a few hours if possible
  • A. It was fixed a couple hours after my post. I knew the issue was being in final stages of resolution, but as a CM I always expect that something can go wrong in the very last moment, so I intentionally mentioned this time-frame as a worst-case scenario.

Upon Bug Resolution, Ensure Proper Announcement

  • Q. So it seems that you fixed the Sebastian-countering-Heidi’s-Deathflower-bug and you sort of acknowledged that fix.
    And I and probably everybody else is thankful that you fixed this bug so quickly.
    But I don’t really see any real announcement about the fix, certainly not when it happened and not on the official news feed
    And this is something that upsets me because how am I supposed to know that this bug was fixed? Am I/Are we just supposed to test daily, hourly, etc. to see if this was fixed? I know that announcing a fix also means admitting that you made a mistake in the first place. But so what?
    Honestly, I think admitting mistakes is a strength, not a weakness. Not admitting them just shows you are afraid. Which is proof of even more flaws in a person or company. We all make mistakes. We are only human (well, you are… but that’s a different story). It’s how we deal with them that defines us.
    It’s super annoying when gamebreaking changes happen and we are left in the dark. It’s even more annoying when you do that because you think it makes you not look as bad.
  • A. Hello! We have reported that this bug exists and that it was fixed in the Starboard channel. According to the regulations, errors of this level are not broadcasted on main communication channels as they do not affect all players, unlike technical maintenance or emergency server shutdowns. Perhaps the communication was insufficient, and we should have made announcements in channels such as ‘general.’ We will take your feedback into account and strive to convey such information more openly.

Dissent Regarding Boss Battle Specifications

  • Q. So not only are they charging us for boss battles even if we lose. But the difficulty has not changed and still take a million tries to get to the final boss. Game is becoming less and less fun to play! Maybe you can say something to dev.s? Would it kill them to just leave the events alone when there was nothing wrong with it to begin with. I literally spent $70 something dollars on the event that had the golden totem but if they think there going to get money out of players when they take out rewards like that one and make it hard forcing you to spend just to get resources that aren’t even as good do they honestly think there doing themselves a favor? I think they’re going to end up losing us a lot of players and members of our guild if they’re just going to keep making this game ridiculous and charging for every little thing! Everything they adjust to make more about making money and less about game play and the players bring this game that much closer to it’s end! Would it kill them to think about the players for once and put in a couple of free event every year? Please past this along! Thank you for your time and consideration!
  • A. Good day! We have collected and conveyed a lot of feedback regarding this adventure to the developers. And they acknowledge that this event was not received as well as planned. They have promised to take this feedback into account when developing future iterations of similar adventures.

Tips: Despite being designed as the most free-to-play (F2P) event ever, success in this event heavily relies on luck, making it difficult to verify the effectiveness of different strategies. While various strategies exist, their outcomes are unpredictable, leading to uncertainty about the optimal approach. Additionally, succeeding with a less optimal strategy may mistakenly be interpreted as superior, contributing to potential misunderstandings.

Bug: Camouflage Released Despite Heidi’s Dodge Ability

  • Q. There is another problem with Heidi. When he fails the Camouflage check, but then evades phys damage by dodge stat, he still loses his Camouflage, although he does not receive any damage. This is clearly not working as it should.
  • A. Do you encounter this again after the recent fix (Heidi vs Sebastian)? If yes, please open a support ticket and attach the battle replay. This will help us investigate this case

Inquiry Regarding Upgrade Specifications Post Red Pattern

  • Q. Hi Nexters.
    Here is my understanding on how the new pattern system works:
    • You get Patterns from spending Explorer Moves on the Adventure Map
    • You get Threads from dismantling patterns, Flag chests (when you have all 3 flags), and from new Pattern event.
    • Patterns start at Grey level.
    • You combine two Greys plus 150 threads to make a Green.
    • The same concept repeats, two Greens plus 300 threads gives a Blue, two Blues plus 600 threads gives a Purple, all the way up to two Oranges plus 900 threads giving a Red.
    • At Red Level and beyond the method changes. Now you do not need a second Pattern but you need a high number of threads (3750) to attempt an upgrade on your Red or Red + x pattern.
    • If you spend the 3750 threads the game rolls the dice of chance and gets a result that lands somewhere in the Red+1 to Red+6 table shown. This varies from 31.9% chance to get Red +1 level all the way down to just 2% chance to get Red +6.
    • If the resulting level you get is greater than the current level of pattern you have, then your pattern will be upgraded directly to that level.
    • If the resulting level is less than or equal to the current level of pattern you have, then your pattern will not upgrade and you lose the threads.
    • This means on average you will need 50 attempts x 3750 threads = 187500 threads to get to Red+6. However one person might get lucky the first time they upgrade a Red and get Red+6 immediately. Or you might upgrade infinite number of times and never get Red+6 as you never get the 2% chance.

      So my question is, assuming the above is true, how can Nexters possibly justify such an egregious unbounded gambling mechanic to get from Red to Red+6.
      Does it seem fair that one person can get R+6 from 3750 threads, another gets it after the average luck of 187500 threads, and another person still has not got it after one million threads spent?
      Even totems as ridiculously expensive as they are, still have bad luck protection in place.
  • A. Thanks for the feedback. We do have a fair bit of random elements in the game, and red Artifacts are not unique in that way. But you have a good point regarding the bad luck protection mechanism, we will share that feedback with the team

Tip: There is a theory that at least one level is always improved, so it is possible that the specifications are not currently as per the question above.

Bug Causing Battle Process Failure

  • Q. Morning yall there’s an issue going on i’ve been loosing in the rankings on arena for the past week and its getting anoying i miss rewards and successful defences can yall fix this? Ill attach a video for proof…
  • A. These issues can only be resolved through contacting customer support. Community managers simply do not have the technical means to verify such cases

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Guild DASHIMAKI-TAMAGO 2024.Week06

Guild War:Web31-Gold league, Place 1

Guild Raid:Place 13

CoW: Season 6 Temporary Place 7


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