[Hero Wars Guide]Weekly Report 2023.Week16

[Hero Wars Guide]Weekly Report 2023.Week16


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May’s Hero of the Month is Dorian

  • Dorian is almost an essential hero in the current environment. He is the leading sub-healer for f2p users, as he can be put into actual battle if only his 4th skill is leveled up. He is a hero who should collect as many soul stones as possible.

Hero of the Month

Official Community Manager FAQ

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Rework of the Guild Dungeon

  • Q. can we expect a rework of the dungeon? It is really important, since this costs the most time every day. And some years ago Nexters already confirmed, that a rework is necessary. Not sure, if it was some community manager, who said that.
    So, why no bringing similar changes to web/Facebook like you did for the app version?
    1. The hero fights are completely useless, remove them and add the rewards to the titan fights.
    2. Give us better rewards in the titan soul shop. Skin stones are super rare for titans. Just add them, that would help a lot of players. Especially smaller accounts who are struggling in the dungeon.
  • A. hi! There is an ongoing discussion about dungeon rework among the players. And developers are noticing it, but, at the moment, a big rework of the Dungeon is not a matter of discussion during planning meetings. However, this may change during the year.

Get a reset Option for Glyphs and Skins

  • Q. Can we please get a reset Option for Glyphs and Skins like we have for Gift of Elements
  • A. Thanks for the feedback. I understand where this request is coming from. There are no current plans on adding this feature, but we will share this request with the devs.

Change Team EXP points requirement for level

  • Q. please change Team EXP points requirement for level advancement where it was or at least consider a poll to ask players what they think about that change!
  • A. Hello! Team EXP change has been just introduced. We need some time to gather data and feedback on a big scale. Changes will or won’t be made based on that.

In Japanese, we can’t see “dodge” or “blocked” indication in the battle

  • Q. In Japanese version, we can’t see “dodge” or “blocked” indication in the battle. Is it possible to show?
    It’s ok to show it just like English. Devs don’t have to translate it if it’s hard.
    it’s way better than showing nothing.
  • A. Hello! Thanks for the notice! We will pass it on to the localization team.

Ghost Bridge

  • Q. It’s time to bring the Ghost Bridge to the attention again.
    This is the mechanime used in HW Mobile in the Guild War to create an extra bridge after the Mage Academy, Barracks and Lighthouse have been conquered. That way one can avoid the Bridge. Especially useful when your opponent has a couple of high titan teams on the bridge.
    In the past this request has been put forward several times with mixed reactions. The mechanism is of course pretty elegant, which people like. When you ask persons what the reason is that they are opposed to it, it’s almost always just the personal benefit they have of big titan teams on the bridge. Never the mechanism is the problem.
    Bring this functionality also to the FB/Web Guild War and even Clash of Worlds.
  • A. Hello! I understand your concerns and suggestions, but as you can see this idea is quite controversial. Some players will find this workaround helpful, but some are successfully using Titans as guards for their advantage. And that’s understandable.

Tip: This request seems to be a desire for a workaround for the fact that one person using a High Power Titan team in the Silver League or so will eliminate most players across the board. The reality is that with a properly trained Fire Titan team and good manual fighting skills, it is often possible to giant-killing in about 2 or 3 moves, but such players are rare in the Silver League and below.

Energy cap

  • Q. I was wondering if we could get something done about the Energy “cap”, this is a great hinderance and really hurts the player’s abilities to do daily things to progress and actually just . . “play the game”. Waiting for Energy to replenish is the single biggest drawback to playing HW. Example:
    Last night I purchased a limited time offer which included 10,000 Energy, in prepartion for the new Hero Julius entering the game tomorrow. I have lost at least 1200 Energy due to this “cap” nonsense, and I am wasting the 3x Energy buff, that I also paid for, because of the cap. I am requesting that a) Energy cap be completely removed or raised to a more reasonable number(no . . not 500, something GOOD) b) Purchased Energy should at least/also be exempt from interfering with any cap. This is very much like being taxed on your taxes, more than once. If you could pass this along to the Devs I would appreciate it. Otherwise I will have to rethink playing this game and cut any spending if my moeny is going to be wasted in this manner. Thank you
  • A. Hello. To begin with, “Energy cap” definitely won’t be removed, cause it is fundamental to the game mechanics. BUT we will share your thoughts about Energy Buff and the exact Energy Cap limit with the Devs. We think that there is a potential on upgrading it.

Julius soul stones will be made available in the future

  • Q. Can you please advise us while the Julius event is still running how Julius soul stones will be made available in the future. Which shop will they appear in and will they be added eventually to the hero soul stone chests?
    One of the things that frustrates players, including myself, is that Nexters does not give us much or any information about the future so we can plan our resource allocation. The cynics say this is deliberate so that players will need to buy packs that are far more expensive for what you get than 4x.
    I would like to give Nexters the opportunity to challenge that negative perception by telling us this information about Julius now.
  • A. As of right now, we don’t know that for sure. Most likely Julius’ Soul Stones will be added to the Heroic Chest eventually, as there are no plans of adding them to exclusive Shops like Clash of Worlds shop or Soul Shop at the moment. But we can’t guarantee that, as this matter is not finalized just yet

More guild event

  • Q. would like to see more guild event like the magic tree event in mobile, any thoughts? Just came across Charlie’s video this morning.
  • A. Hello! Developers of mobile and desktop versions constantly share their ideas. So it might happen.

Add a Gifting system

  • Q. Can you ask the developers to add a Gifting system to the game, similar to how you can gift tickets of the new season for a certain time to your guild-mates, only 1. you can gift VIP, So what the player buys to gift, all of it (what you bought to gift) will go to that player whom they choose, not just the VIP. 2. There is not a time limit on it, and 3. You insert the person’s ID, so That person doesn’t have to be your guild-mate. It can be someone on a different server. Also, could they extend the gift of a season to ALL players, not just older players in the newest season? Thanks,
  • A. Hello! Introducing such mechanics would drastically affect the game balance. It will take a considerable amount of time to research and implement. Developers are leaning towards improving more crucial aspects of the game for now. But your ideas a valid and interesting. We will share it with the devs.

Main Updates



Interplanetary Travel


Julius’s Cybertech


Champions Season 3 All Quests

Guild DASHIMAKI-TAMAGO 2023.Week16

Guild War:Web31-Gold league,Place 1

Guild Raid:Place 9

CoW: Season 2 Temporary Place 96


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