[Hero Wars Guide]Weekly Report 2022.Week40

[Hero Wars Guide]Weekly Report 2022.Week40


  • Totems of Darkness and Light have been implemented.
  • After a short interval, a mini-event will be held.
  • It seems to be a bug, but the behavior of the Earth Totem has changed, so Guild War and ToEs should be careful.

Upcoming Events

Information on events after the above is not yet available.

The Spooky Festival

  • The Spooky Festival will most likely be held at the end of the month as usual.
  • Additional Demonic Skins are said to be Qing Mao, MoJo, and Faceless.

How to obtain totems way

  • Totem fragments of Water, Fire, and Earth totems have been added with a link to the store.
  • May become available in the Element Tournament Shop in the future.

Water, Fire, and Earth are covered

Darkness and Light are not covered

Official FAQ

Titles are tailored to the content.

CoW Tool Tips

  • Please inform the developers that the Tool Tips showing your Guilds Players when you are looking to assign attacks is not working properly.
    They begin to repeat after a number of players, so if I look at one of my lower power players it is showing the teams of one of my higher powered players.
    Also, in the List of Guild Members from the Blue Button, it does not show a player’s teams if they have not been assigned to defense. The problem with that is that we need to see all of the teams as they will all be attacking and not just those that were assigned on defense.
    Copy and paste from Guild Wars without extensive testing is not working here.
  • Thank you for letting us know, we’ve passed it on to the developers!

Health bug in CoW base buffs

  • Q. hmm and this bug is what??? 128% more life for fire titans and at start of battle fire titans have half life?????
  • A. I know that the developers are working on fixing this bug (among other things) right now, this should be fixed by the end of the week (maybe sooner, but can’t guarantee just yet)

The chance to get a totem fragment

  • Question. The chance to get a totem fragment via the blue balls used to be 1 : 5000 (or even less). Is the change to get a totem fragment still the same or has it improved now the new D&L totems are in the game? 
  • A. There are also new Titan Artifact Fragments in the Titan Artifact Spheres, so I think the chances are more or less the same. But I will double-check this and let you know if there is a noticeable difference.

I would like to get a free totem

  • Hey! How r u doing? I’d just like to point something out, when the new Totems come out could EVERY player get 1 free one of each? Light&Dark Why? Because if us normal players are not able to grab our hands on it, we’ll get demolished and won’t be able to do anything in ToE, Guild wars and maybe even Clash of worlds, It would be pretty nice if we all have a smooth start and not a rough one to the new titans.
    Because if some sort of balancing doesn’t happen people with high influence with this discord server and Hero Wars in general, will quit.
    Please understand this is a health issue… Don’t make the quest so ridiculously high next time and give f2p players a chance….
  • Like we’ve talked about earlier in our posts, later on, players will get some alternative ways of getting new Totems (through the Seasons, as a gift from Winter Claus, something along those lines). I will tell the developers about this request, but there are no plans of giving out everyone free Totems right now.

Boxy gifts

  • You need to kinda do something with Boxy gifts because it’s just not happening, your Youtube channel isn’t gaining subscribers but you’re losing them, and VF, VIP and Portal charge gifts? heck even the monthly discord gift…. Where has nexters resources been put towards?
  • Hey! Fair enough, we will discuss internally what to do about the Boxy GIfts. We’ve dropped the discord gift long ago, and everything else is back in rotation as far as I know.

Main Updates


Double Totem System

Keyboard Shortcuts

What is Guaranteed Totem Drop

Clash of Worlds


CoW in 8 lines

Crash of Worlds Team-Up

Patch: Earth Totem

Grim Hunger

Wings of Flame

Keros Doll

How about that DPS? in 2022

Guild DASHIMAKI-TAMAGO 2022.Week40

Guild War:Web31-Gold league,Place 1

Guild Raid:Place 11


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