[Hero Wars Guide]Free Boxes


  • Accessible from the main menu after reaching team level 10.
  • Receive rewards by watching promotional videos.
  • Rewards are randomly selected from 5 candidates.
  • Obtain all items after watching 5 videos.
  • Once all items are obtained, they can be used again after 6 hours.

About the Rewards

  • The rewards you receive are very small.
  • Energy is recharged instantly, so be cautious.
  • Gold and Soul Stones are also given directly.


  • To use this feature, you must agree to share all personal information with third parties.
  • Viewing from a smartphone on the move will generate traffic for the video.
  • Currently, the number of sponsors seems to be limited, and the same videos are played repeatedly.

About the Cooldown

  • The cooldown is 6 hours, but there is a possibility that the daily process is prioritized.
  • There seems to be a bug that allows the cooldown time to be reused under certain conditions without waiting for the cooldown time, and there are many reports of the cooldown time disappearing.


  • If the communication environment is not good enough, the screen to open the box stops because the video is loaded from the outside.
  • When an error occurs, depending on the condition, it can be considered as watching the video, and only rewards can be received.

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