[Hero Wars Guide] Speed Up Updata!

[Hero Wars] Updata

What is Speed Up Updata ?

Improved loading times (QoL update)

  • Loading times have been improved, especially in dungeons.
  • When loading on older PCs, images are now displayed faster by delaying the loading of images or not displaying unnecessary images
  • Some browsers may have trouble loading images. Switching browsers may resolve the issue
  • There seems to be a case that some graphic board images do not load properly. This may be resolved by turning off the hardware accelerator.

Improved battle speed (QoL update)

  • Following the Campaign and Tower updates, the Guild Dungeon battle speed improvements have been implemented.
  • Campaigns, Tower, and Guild Dungeon only have x1 and x1.5 options, and if you have Valkyrie’s Favor, you can choose x5.
  • These behaviors are subject to change in the future.

Differences in each game mode

  • Similar features, but with the following differences
  • Campaign: x1 and x1.5 will retain the speed selection status for the next battle. Auto ON/OFF selection will also be retained.
  • Tower: x1 and x1.5 will retain the speed selection for the next battle. The Auto ON/OFF selection will not be retained.
  • Guild Dungeon: The speed selection always starts at x1.5, and even if x5 is selected, it will be reset in the next battle. Also, the Auto ON/OFF selection will not be retained.

Official Message

Hey everyone, we have some exciting news to share!

  • We’ve improved the game’s internal structure, and now the game loads much faster! Also, it now performs much better on old devices!
  • And it takes considerably less time to clear out the Dungeon now! We’ve speeded up the transition between rooms, and also added an option to switch combat speed, just like in Tower and Campaign!

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