[Hero Wars Guide] Combat Speed Up

[Hero Wars] Combat Speed Up

About Combat Speed Up(QoL update)

  • Until now, if you did not have Valkyrie’s blessing, you could choose x1, and if you did, you could choose x1 or x5.
  • From now on, only for campaigns and towers, you can choose x1 or x1.5, and if you have Valkyrie’s blessing, you can choose x5.
  • The default value is now x1.5 and the selection is remembered.

Points to note

  • The selection state is only remembered in terms of speed, not in terms of auto or manual.
  • Some special battles in the campaign, such as the battle against Seymour, will only be x1.
  • It is unknown if this will be added or improved in future updates.

Combat Speed Up(in Official)

  • We have some news! In the Campaign and the Tower, the combat speed is now automatically set to x1.5. But you can still return the speed to x1 by clicking on the button in the lower right corner.
  • If you have Valkyrie’s Favor active, then x5 speed-up can be set by clicking on the same button in the lower right corner.
  • Tell us how you like this update? Would you like to see x1.5 speed-up in other game modes? Share on the Discord server!
  • See you in the game!


Combat Speed x1

Combat Speed x1.5

Combat Speed x5

Dungeon (the same as before)


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