[Hero Wars Guide]Weekly Report 2023.Week06

[Hero Wars Guide]Weekly Report 2023.Week06


Upcoming Events

Events in March

If the past year is as usual, March will continue with Ode to Beauty, Spring Replicat, and Anniversary!.

Seasonal Events

Your Thoughts On Collecting Figures

Hi there, Guardians! Would you look at this knight in shining armor! We’ve got ourselves one of a kind Galahad collectible figure — what do you think of it?

Official Community Manager FAQ

Titles are tailored to the content.

Guardians of Outlands event is only twice per year

  • Q. Why the frequency of Guardians of Outlands event is only twice per year for last two years whereas all other events are repeated at regular interval. So many skins are launched every year but the event to upgrade it only happens two times in a year.
  • A. Hey! At some point the Guardians of Outland was completely removed from the schedule. But these days developers do bring it back once in a while, but it’s not considered to be a standard regular event as it once was, and we have a different regular Skin Stone “themed” event – Time of the Fearless. But I know that you would love to see this event more often and I’ve shared this request of your with the developers!

The improved system for training/test battles

  • Q. How long can wait for this moronic HWS plugin to be blocked?
    Devs…don’t you understand that this deprives CoW of a competitive component? Those who use this plugin are cheaters…you must do something! Do it!
  • A. The legal department is aware and consider possible measures, and I will not take these legal notes any further. More importantly, our team is developing the only effective and stable solution for that issue – the improved system for training/test battles that will less any software similar to HWS less appealing. We consider it to be the only sustainable solution in that case.

Additional Clash of Worlds QoL suggestions

  • Q. 1)when a general selects an attacker and his team if the generals can select the heroes selecting from that particular attacker has (without current universal selection) and shows his the attacking team
    2)being able to see selecting attackers’ totem star/level (i believe generals have to check in logs or ask on discord or refer to discord images for this atm)
    These would be actually saving lot of time and effort of generals ,as i think (idk from where they got that selecting hero team idea ,but i have actually posted that suggestion ,just one or two weeks after the COW too, so i hope this suggestion would also be practical answers for some practical issues generals have atm- i can write reasons for above suggestion if you want ,i end here as it gets too long, thanks!
  • A. Hey! I will share these additional Clash of Worlds QoL suggestions with the team! Right now the team is focusing on improving the Test Battles, this feature on its own should be a big QoL improvement for Clash of Worlds and some other modes!

Oracle cards

  • Q. It would be great if there would be a possibility to fight with a self configured set of titans when playing the “oracle cards” and not with the “best 5 titans”. The strongest titans aren’t good for mixed fights if titans are maxed out.
  • A. Hey! To be honest, it feels like a relatively small QoL update that requires a lot of changes – we will need to completely change the game logic behind the “Oracle Cards” so the outcome is changing dynamically based on chosen Titans + we will need to rework the interface. I will share that request with the developers, but pretty sure that this could happen only when we decide to update the Dungeon overall, as a part of the bigger rework

Rigel has a glitch

  • Q. Rigel has a glitch that causes him to cease attacks after ulting. Nexters needs to get him fixed if he is to be usable. In addition, there is a glitch that locks up the stat sheets when you try to access info about a battle that involved Rigel.
  • A. Hey! We fixed a few glitches that have appeared in the game after his introduction. Let me know if this one is still lingering!

The missing Asgard rewards

  • Q. any new information about the missing Asgard rewards?
  • A. Hey! We are hoping to get them sent to the owners this week, I will give an update on that in Starboard once the last mail will be delivered

The 2 new skins become available later for skin stones?

  • Q. will the 2 new skins become available later for skin stones? Or will they be locked forever behind those news shameful scam chests?????
  • A. Hi! Yes, they will become available for Skin Stones in a couple of months.

Stellar skins available for the Skin Stones

  • Q. Ok, nice to know. I was scared it would follow the same scheme as the stellar skins
    Thank for clarifying this
    The stellar skins will never be available for skin stones I guess
  • A. They won’t, and I think we will make the Stellar skins available for the Skin Stones a bit later too. But that’s not 100% guaranteed just now, so don’t hold me to it, I will check with the devs once more next week

Main Updates


Time to Love


Mind of the Old Grove

Mushy and Shroom

Iris’s Pets

Skin Stone Chest

Skin Stones

Titan Skin Stone

Rigel Doll

Combat Speed Up

Guild DASHIMAKI-TAMAGO 2023.Week06

Guild War:Web31-Gold league,Place 1

Guild Raid:Place 13

CoW: Season 2 Temporary Place 13


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