[Hero Wars Guide]Archaeologist’s Bundle Rev.2

[Hero Wars Guide] Archaeologists Bundle

About the Archaeologist’s Bundle

  • Sold in conjunction with the Forgotten Treasure Trove.
  • You will receive x12 or x16 Archaeologist’s Tools with each purchase (1st-4th: x12, 5th: x16). According to the official description, the equivalent of 33,000 emeralds.
  • It can be purchased with emeralds.
  • The discount rate increases with each subsequent purchase.
  • The emerald price changes as follows: 25,000 > 22,000 > 19,000 > 16,000 > 12,000.
  • Maximum of 5 purchases: total 94,000 emeralds.
  • If not used, it will automatically convert into an archaeologist’s jar. The contents of this jar include red artifacts.

List and Price progression

1st purchase: 25,000 emeralds

[Hero Wars Guide] Archaeologists Bundle

2nd purchase: 22,000 emeralds

[Hero Wars Guide] Archaeologists Bundle

3rd purchase: 19,000 emeralds

[Hero Wars Guide] Archaeologists Bundle

4th purchase: 16,000 emeralds

[Hero Wars Guide] Archaeologists Bundle

5th purchase: 12,000 emeralds

[Hero Wars Guide] Archaeologists Bundle

Comparison of Red Artifacts

  • To make 5 purchases of an Archaeologist’s Bundle, you will need 94,000 emeralds.
  • The number of red artifacts you receive for the same amount of emeralds spent on Artifact chest is nearly double what you would get for the equivalent emeralds spent on Artifact chest.
  • Additionally, the other contents are superior to those found in Artifact  chest.
  • Even when factoring in the discount during the sale event, it remains advantageous to invest emeralds in this bundle if your goal is to complete the Artifact.
  • The comparison can be illustrated as follows in the comparison chart:

Comparison Chart

Comparison with 94,000 emeralds spent. (Artifact Chest: expected value from 12,500 unbox results)

ArtifactsArtifact ChestArtifact Chest
(20% OFF)
Archaeologist’s Bundle
Absolute Artifact Essence2613131,620
Absolute Artifact Scroll23328020
Absolute Artifact Metal23828620
Absolute Artifacts7278721,660

Note: How many Reds come from the Artifact chest?

Note: Artifacts

Notes on How to Purchase

  • The initial purchase can be made directly from The Forgotten Treasury.
  • For the second purchase and any subsequent ones, please select from the list located on the right side of the main screen.

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The Forgotten Treasury

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