[Hero Wars Guide]How many Reds come from the Artifact chest?

Absolute Artifact in Chest

  • Red-rank artifacts have been added to the artifact chests.
  • How many of them can you obtain?
  • This is the verification result for chests at level 10 and above.

Target Artifacts

  • Absolute Artifact Essence
  • Absolute Artifact Scroll
  • Absolute Artifact Metal
[Hero Wars] Artifacts Will Become Stronger


UnboxingEssenceScrollMetalTotalPer 100
Player 1500978811129659
Player 25001391528337475
Player 360072866822638
Player 41502525227248
Player 55013212054108
Player 65001419415338878
Player 71,00021816512550851
Player 84,9001,0329079662,90559
Player 91,50035525933394763
Player 102,8005025344881,52454
Total : 12,5002,5942,3312,3697,29458

Estimated expected value per 100 keys

  • 20.8 Absolute Artifact Essence
  • 18.6 Absolute Artifact Scroll
  • 19 Absolute Artifact Metal
  • 58.4 Absolute Artifacts

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