[Hero Wars Guide]Red Artifacts Priority Method and Actual use heroes

Absolute Artifacts Priority Method

  • A red rank has been added to the artifacts.
  • Currently, the difficulty of cultivation is very high, and prioritized cultivation is essential!
  • Here are some of my personal choices.

Target artifacts

  • Absolute Artifact Essence
  • Absolute Artifact Scroll
  • Absolute Artifact Metal


  • Decide based on the frequency of use and the importance of the scene of use.
  • Basic importance is Guild Raid, CoW, Guild War > Others.
  • Prioritize those that are compatible with guild raids and CoW/guild battles.

Heroes that are candidates for this method

[Hero Wars]Tristan[Hero Wars]Ishmael[Hero Wars]Markus[Hero Wars]Yasmine[Hero Wars]Alvanor[Hero Wars]Maya[Hero Wars]Celeste[Hero Wars]Issac[Hero Wars]Jhu[Hero Wars]Nebula[Hero Wars]Sebastian[Hero Wars]Heidi[Hero Wars]OrionAidan[Hero Wars]Lian[Hero Wars]Phobos[Hero Wars]Jet[Hero Wars]Thea[Hero Wars]Martha

Heroes and stats actually chosen

Martha’s first artifact

  • Good for withstanding meteors against lvl 160 Osh. * 50,190 armor buff against lvl 160 Osh’s armor penetration of 82,073. * Up to 32,885 armor on Sebastian and 45,342 armor on Nebula; Nebula almost never gets hit.
  • It seems possible to form a defense formation that can force Dante’s attack to time up in an opponent’s defense. * It depends on his and her team compositions.

Nebula’s first and third artifacts

  • Can extend damage in a lvl 160 Osh fight.
  • High-power Nebula is easy to function with any DPS and is highly versatile.
  • Works well with Heidi, who was chosen as my target of enhancement.

Sebastian’s Third Artifact

  • Can extend damage against Osh at lvl 160.
  • Sebastian has a high usage rate for both offensive and defensive purposes.
  • Disables crushing by Faithless and Daredevil.

Heidi’s first, second, and third artifacts

  • He is also a front-line DPS in lvl 160 Osh battles.
  • DPS used offensively and defensively against opponents as well.
  • As the armor buff by the first artifact becomes stronger in the future, we expect more scenes to rely on the effectiveness of the net damage. From this perspective, we can say that Iris is stronger than Heidi. However, we chose Heidi due to the fact that Iris almost never works against Osh and the prevalence of Rufus in the current environment. (Judgment is not based on whether it is a strong DPS or not, but on whether there are active scenes for me or not).


  • I am not trying to say that this is the general view. I am just giving you my personal experience as a reference.
  • How to think about it: it is hard to say what the right answer is, based on the point of view and the purpose of the game. For example, if you are just starting out in the game, hold out for a lower exchange of red AF anyway. It would be all about preserving it for the day it becomes available.
  • I hope each player can make a choice that feels right to them!

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  1. Tom says:

    Can you confirm which stats of Armor are correct for 160? 169k or 152k? To proper calculate min. Isaac #1 art for Jhu or Cornelius variant.

  2. Tom says:

    Discord HW channel has pinned stats with 152k value. So this source has wrong values… Thanks.


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