[Hero Wars Guide]Mastering the Art of Obtaining Red Artifacts

For an effective upgrade

  • What is the most efficient way to acquire Red artifacts?
  • In Hero Wars, the results obtained with the same amount of money can vary depending on the method used!
  • In this article, we will delve into the Pay-to-Win (P2W) aspect.


How to obtainAbsolute ArtifactsTotal Performance
(Other resources include)
Artifact Chest (x4 Sale)0.8x4
Artifact Chest (x5 Sale)1x5
Artifact Chest 30% Discount (x4 Sale)1.14x5.7
Artifact Chest 30% Discount (x5 Sale)1.43x7.1
Artifact Chest 30% Discount (x4 Sale)
with Piggy Bank
Artifact Chest 30% Discount (x5 Sale)
with Piggy Bank
Legacy of the Great Ones Bundle 11.55x2.1
Legacy of the Great Ones Bundle 21.55x2.1
Legacy of the Great Ones Bundle 31.72x2.2
Legacy of the Great Ones Bundle 41.97x2.3
Legacy of the Great Ones Bundle 52.18x2.5
Today’s Offer Artifact Bundle0.64x2.6
Today’s Offer Bounteous Artifact Bundle0.64x3
Today’s Offer Overflowing Artifact Bundle1x2.7
Today’s Offer Abundant Artifact0.72x3.1
Today’s Offer Ultimate Artifact Bundle0.75x3.1
Valkyrie’s Artifacts Bundle 30.53x0.8
Valkyrie’s Artifacts Bundle 40.54x0.9

Additional Notes about the List

  • Not all acquisition methods are included.
  • Artifact chests are based on a VIP15 player purchasing emeralds during the Emeralds x5 sale and using them to open an Artifact chest.
  • In the scenario mentioned above, the expected value of obtaining one artifact is 1.
  • The remaining values represent the expected number of red artifacts that can be obtained when spending the same amount of cash as in the aforementioned conditions.
  • Artifacts other than red ones are not considered in this list.
  • VIP and emerald usage quests, as well as Emerald Waterfalls, are not factored into this analysis and should be considered individually.
  • The “Total” column reflects the estimated emerald equivalent cost performance, encompassing non-red artifact acquisitions. This comparison takes into account the Khao score and other relevant factors. If you possess various resources aside from Red artifacts, focusing on this coefficient might be more advantageous.


  • While numerous opportunities exist, focusing solely on red artifacts, I recommend the “Legacy of the Great Ones”! Bundle 3 proves to be particularly efficient when factoring in quests, while Bundle 5 is highly effective when prioritizing the speed of upgrades.
  • Red artifacts serve as just one enhancement factor, and the optimal decision may vary based on individual player circumstances. Nevertheless, all players share the challenge of cultivating red artifacts, making them more elusive than other enhancement elements. Thus, I believe no player should overlook their importance!
  • Note that bundles may change in the future, impacting these conditions. Please consider this information accurate as of the time of writing.

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