[Hero Wars Guide]Weekly Report 2023.Week46

[Hero Wars Guide]Weekly Report 2023.Week46
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December Events

As in previous years, the following events will be held.


The biggest event of the Hero Wars. Winter Skins and New hero will be introduced.

Official Community Manager FAQ

Titles are tailored to the content.

Unlocking the Soulstones for Mushy and Julius, delays?

  • Q. Nexters. Just a reminder. It is now almost a month since you posted this, yet you said we would only wait “a week or two” for Mushy and that “Julius would follow soon after”.
    You keep spamming us with these “gain x hero souls” event missions but are depriving us of the few avenues we want to actually spend our saved hero soul stone chests on.
  • A. Unfortunately, delays in our release pipeline are possible. At the time when I answered this, it was planned for about two weeks, but as we can see it didn’t happen. We frequently remind the devs about such requests and hope that Mushy’s stones will soon be available.
Mushy and Shroom

Official Insights on Piggy Banks

  • Q. Can we please have some clarification on the new piggy bank offer which returns a certain percentage of emeralds spent – as in till exactly what time the piggy bank will stay, if it is capped to 40k ems and so on….
  • A. You will have the opportunity to break the piggy bank until November 24th, 2 AM UTC.
    20% is the maximum return percentage. The number of emeralds spent, to which the 20% return will be applied, is unlimited.
    But take note, that the piggy bank will stop collecting savings on November 23th, 2 AM UTC.
    And if you don’t want to take responsibility for breaking this cute piggy bank yourself, it will automatically break at the end of the promotion, and the emeralds will be sent to you by in-game mail.
Piggy Bank

Enhancements to Champion Season Rewards

  • Q1. Every Champion season gives out “Primarch’s grasp”. Not many heroes need these fragments. In future champion seasons, can you please give red fragments that are more commonly used by more heroes. i.e.
    Aigrette of nocturnal cicadas
    Simon’s enlightenment
    Chalice of the Primordials
  • Q2. Red equipment box needs to be updated to include more commonly used items by intelligence and agility heroes. I really don’t see much value in the current selection.
  • A. Yep, we passed these suggestions to devs.
Champions Season Rewards
Equipment Chest

Carrying Over Explorer’s Moves and Map Updates

  • Q. After this month, will we still be able to use moves on the current map or will that map disappear forever?
  • A. You will be able to use the moves on the new map. Whether the current map will return in any form is currently unknown
Explorer’s Move

QoL Improvements on the Mysterious Island

  • Q1. It would be helpful if the map shows what you’ve already gotten in each location. i.e. semi transparent items or only shown on mouse-over like a tooltip.
  • Q2. Nexters puts all these items on the map, we spent moves to collect them, and when we’re all done the map will be blank. Adding a summary page with totals of stuff you’ve gotten would show us the value of the rewards. In theory it would make people spend more later because of everything they received in the past.
  • A. Great ideas! I will pass them on to the developers.
Mysterious Island

Enhancing Patterns

  • Q. Regarding the power levels of upgraded patterns. Is there any more specific information you can announce before the end of this month? i.e. The physical attack bonus at each level of the upgraded pattern. etc
  • A. At the moment, we do not have any new information on this matter, but we will share it with you when it becomes available.
War flags

Battle Flags for Each Role: Warriors, Marksmen, and More

  • Q. Will each role get a flag similar to the tank? +10% energy gain?
  • A. Possibly. What new properties of flags and patterns would you like to see first?

Battle Flag of Pet Patron Skill

  • Q. Will there be a flag (or pattern) to boost pet patron powers?
  • A. Possibly. Currently, there is no information on the list of new properties.

Displaying Guild War: Battle Flags and Patterns

  • Q. During an active guild war, when you view your own defense, you cannot see the flags & patterns of each teammate in your own buildings. This should be fixed.
  • A. Yes. We will relay this to the developers.

UI Fixes needed for All Heroes View

  • Q. As other people have said many times, the flags and pets buttons take up too much space on the hero screen and should be moved to tabs on the side. Similar to how all the town shops are all listed as tabs on the side of the screen.
  • A. Yes, we have already passed this on to the developers. The interface will be improved.

Updata Combat Training: Battle Flags and Patterns

  • Q. When will flags & patterns be added to battle training?
  • A. We are eagerly awaiting the update of the training modes. Once it happens, we will definitely notify.
Combat Training

Combat Training Updates for Osh Battles

  • Q. What are the developers thoughts about adding a combat training for osh with a level selection?
  • A. As I mentioned above. as I’ve mentioned above Combat Training feature is not put on a shelf. So we can expect it updates.

QoL Enhancements for Guild Raids

  • Q1. Please let us see the battle log of last week’s minion and boss fights, guild moral, etc.  (just like guild war lets us see data from last week’s fights)
    Q2. On the screen where you get rewards for your weekly player ranking and guild ranking scores, it does not say what the items are being awarded for. So taking a screenshot of that screen does not make a good souvenir.  Please add text similar to “guild raid: player ranking results” and “guild raid: guild ranking results” to those screens.
    Q3. Please allow all minion fights to be playable on Monday.
  • A. these are frequently requested features and developers are aware of them. Developers are planning to work on them, but I can’t give exact dates.

Reassessing the Specifications of Valkyrie’s Favor

  • Q. Nexters. Please revert this horrid change to Valkyrie’s Favor where it does not respect your chosen currency and puts you on an automatic renewal without your consent.
    According to your support, this has been rolled out to a random selection of players with intention to roll it out to everyone. No way of the player opting out of this nonsense. I want to pay in my chosen currency rather than USD and I have no interest in Nexters being able take money from me in an automatic fashion for an auto renewal that I never explicitly requested.
    Give the players what they actually asked for which is longer VF subscription periods (with discount for longer periods) so we don’t have to do these stupid transactions every week.
  • A. We’ve gathered lots of feedback considered changes to the subscription and passed it to the devs. They are studying it and are really willing to make it functional and convenient. So I expect that some changes will be made.
[Hero Wars Guide] Valkyries Favor Renew

Evolution in Design and Gameplay on Tablets

  • Q.  Is there a new design philosophy to make the game look more and more shiny and flashy, like what’s happening with cyber con currently being a new step up in that regard? The problem is that the game requires more resources. I for example having more and more issues playing on my ipad, which is actually one of the main incentives for me to play the game (i would play other games if i had to use a desktop computer). Today it’s barely playable, both my CoW attacks crashed. Thanks for your understanding and looking forward for a reply.
  • A. Progress does not stand still. Developers are actively working not only to ensure that the game provides an interesting gameplay, but also to meet modern visual standards. Despite the developers’ efforts to optimize, technical requirements may increase over time. And some old devices will not be providing comfortable gameplay. However, the performance of the game on most gaming devices is one of the developers’ goals. So they carefully monitor crash and error reports and work on optimizing weak points.

Addressing Elemental Translation Errors in French

  • Q. They messed up the translations, why is the description in spanish ??? I’m french
    also on the title “élémental” is frenglish
    it should be “élémentaire”
  • A. Thanks for the notice! reported

Upcoming Improvements for Official Discord Server

  • Q. Can you please give an update and current timeline for the various discord server changes that you have previously stated will happen this year.

    Adding channels for:
    – forgotten adventures
    – current events
    – guild recruitment via platform and/or via language
    – Adding missing emoji
    – the more vaguely stated general restructuring

    you also may want to preemptively add a channel for flags & patterns.
  • A. Currently, we have slowed the development of the discord in order not to make it cumbersome. However, with the newly introduced feature of the customizable channel list, we will reconsider adding new channels. Stay tuned.

Main Updates and Game trends



Chip Key

Riotous Growth


Cyber-con Tasks and Rewards

Cyber-con All Quests (in 2023 Winter)

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Piggy Bank

Riotous Growth Tasks and Rewards

Riotous Growth All Quests

Elemental Titan of your choice

War flag of Pet Strength

Mastering the Art of Obtaining Red Artifacts

The latest trends, Best heroes, Best teams

Important Game Updates for Players: How to Read

Tier List 2023 (on PvP)

Best Heroes 2023

Which DPS to Upgrade in 2023

Which Tank to Upgrade in 2023

Which Healer to Upgrade in 2023

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Meta Teams

Best Teams

The Best Titans Tier List

Titan’s Meta Teams

Guild DASHIMAKI-TAMAGO 2023.Week46

Guild War:Web31-Gold league, Place 1

Guild Raid:Place 8

CoW: Season 5 Temporary Place 13


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    put (something) into different words.
    “there is a sound reason for rewording that clause”

    a thing given in recognition of service, effort, or achievement.
    “the holiday was a reward for 40 years’ service with the company”

    • zero says:

      Thank you for pointing out the errors. I’ll be addressing them gradually and making the necessary corrections. Your feedback is much appreciated!

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    I don’t know how to ask a question – but I LOVE this site and all the great things you tell us about. BUT I have 202k titan potions now and I cannot find any way (button etc) to exchange them (all my titans are fully loaded and don’t need titan potions anymore… if you can – could you please comment on this ?? titan potion exchange for something else

    • zero says:

      It is similar to many other resources.
      Surplus Titan potions are not useful until an update occurs, such as the introduction of a new Titan.
      However, Pet potions can now be utilized in Secret Wealth. There is a possibility that such an update will be introduced in the future.

      • darkness demon says:

        Thank-you – I trust you most of all – I hope they find a way for us to use them – there must be people will maybe a million or more titan potions.


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