[Hero Wars Guide]Riotous Growth

[Hero Wars Guide]Titan Event

What is a Titan Events?

  • The event shares its name with the previous Earth Titan event but serves as a continuation of the narratives involving the Fire, Earth, and Water Titans.
  • At the time of the announcement, the event was referred to as “The Legacy of the Nature Titans.”

Flavor Text

The ancient legends were true. Titans do exist and are ready to fight on your side despite the magic of Darkness! Feel the harmony of nature, ignite the magic flame, and be as persevering as water that washes over river stones.

Quest Order

  • 1. Log in (MAX 3)
  • 2. Upgrade any titan’s skin (MAX 18)
  • 3. Summoning spheres (MAX 180)
  • 4. Upgrade any titan by levels (MAX 45)
  • 5. Open the Titan Artifact Sphere (MAX 400)
  • 6. Open Outland Chest (MAX 150)
  • 7. Spend Energy (MAX 11,000)
  • 8. Complete Event Quest (MAX 60)
[Hero Wars Guide] Riotous Growth quest 1

All Quests

Tasks and Rewards

Resources needed to Complete the quests

Number of Titan Potion needed (Level 1 -> Level 81 : 119,350)

Number of Titan Skins needed (Level 0 -> Level 40 : 82,265)

Automatic completion of quests

Upgrade any titan by levels

  • Automatically clears if all Titans have been leveled up to their maximum.
  • If any Titan has not been acquired yet, the quest will not be considered automatically cleared.

Upgrade any titan’s skin

  • Auto-clears when all Titan skins have been fully upgraded.
  • If any Titan skin has not been obtained, it will not be considered auto-cleared.
  • Unobtained Titan skins include time-limited ones. This encompasses skins available for a limited time only.
[Hero Wars Guide] Sylva Champion Skin

Reward Content and Emission Rate

In this event, you will mainly be rewarded with route boxes that discharge Titan materials.
All route boxes have three levels, and opening the first level will release the second level at a certain rate.
The most important rewards are Titan Skin Stones and Super Titan Soul Stones.
All other rewards can be found in guild dungeons.

List of Root Boxes

  • Water : 1.Raidrop, 2.Pouring Rain, 3.Lightning Storm
  • Fire : 1.Demonic Spark, 2.Demonic Flame, 3.Demonic Blaz
  • Earth : 1.Mandrake Root, 2.Mandrake Flower, 3.Hungry Mandrake

Root box discharge rate

Mandrake root, 4,005 pieces opened.
For your reference.
(Thanks to DASHIMAKI-TAMAGO and japanese-chat for their help!)

Mandrake Root : count(Probability)

  • Mandrake Flower x1 : 2419 (60.4%)
  • Titan Potion x50 : 1021 (25.5%)
  • Titan Skin Stone x150 : 379 (9.5%)
  • Gold x50,000 : 186 (4.6%)

Mandrake’s Flower : count(Probability)

  • Hungry Mandrake x1: 729 (18.2%)
  • Titan Potion x150: 214 (5.3%)
  • Titan Skin Stone x300: 246 (6.1%)
  • Gold x150,000: 143 pieces (3.6%)
  • Angus (Soul Stone) x20: 382 (9.5%) 
  • Avalon (Soul Stone) x20: 361 (9%)
  • Silva (Soul Stone) x20: 344 (8.6%)

Hungry Mandrake : count(Probability)

  • Eden (Soul Stone) x10: 478 (11.9%)
  • Eden (Soul Stone) x30: 250 (6.2%)
  • Avatar + Gold x500,000: 1 (ejected once)

* Probability are per Mandrake Root
* The same value for all elements

[Hero Wars]Mandrake Root and Mandrake Flower and Hungry Mandrake

Estimated value of reward items

  • Including gold: 84.4 emeralds
  • Without gold: Equivalent to 80.6 emeralds

There are many people who don’t need gold, so I calculated the value with and without gold.

[Hero Wars]Demonic Sparkand and Demonic Flame and Demonic Blaze

Estimated value per 100 rewards

(Please note that the actual value of 100 rewards varies greatly from person to person.)

Expected value: 100 Raindrop

  • Titan Potion x2,070
  • Titan Skin Stone x3,255
  • Gold x770,000
  • Sigurd (Soul Stone) x190
  • Mairi (Soul Stone) x180
  • Nova (Soul Stone) x172
  • Hyperion (Soul Stone) x305

Expected value: 100 Demonic Spark

  • Titan Potion x2,070
  • Titan Skin Stone x3,255
  • Gold x770,000
  • Moloch (Soul Stone) x190
  • Ignis (Soul Stone) x180
  • Vulcan (Soul Stone) x172
  • Araji (Soul Stone) x305

Expected value: 100 Mandrake Root

  • Titan Potion x2,070
  • Titan Skin Stone x3,255
  • Gold x770,000
  • Angus (Soul Stone) x190
  • Avalon (Soul Stone) x180
  • Sylva (Soul Stone) x172
  • Eden (Soul Stone) x305

Consideration of reward content

  • The amount of Soul Stones emitted by each Titan type is different
  • I estimate that there is a real difference, not an error in verification results
  • The probability of a 1% sample error in a population of 2,000 or more is less than 0.4%
  • Probably Super Titan > Tank > Support > Shooting

About Avatars

You can only get one Avatar per item for each of the Fire, Water, and Earth attributes.
At this time, gold will be emitted as a secondary prize.


  • Friday, November 17, 2023 (3 days)

Event Bundle

Titans of the Dominion

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