[Hero Wars Guide]Beat Old Competitor Level 270 buff 85

[Hero Wars Guide] Old Competitor

How to beat Level 270


Reroll until Jorgen receives Fafnir’s buff (20% chance)

Auto OFF at 4:42 when Jorgen 1st Skill is activated

Auto ON at 4:37

Peppy applies a yellow mask to Orion below and stuns him (25% chance)

The remainder of the battle relies on luck

The more yellow masks Peppy draws, the greater your likelihood of winning.


  • If less the Role Branches, it will not withstand the first attack.
  • That case, additional buffs are required.

Time Required

  • In the two instances we defeated it, it took about 20 minutes each time.
  • It is estimated that using full auto would require significantly more time or buffing.

Defeated multiple times

  • Lv270 can be conquered and subsequently defeated again.
  • Earn 3,000 Julius coins each time it is vanquished.
  • The quest reward is limited to the first completion.

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