[Hero Wars Guide]Valkyrie’s Artifacts

Bundle Guide

  • One of the daily bundles.
  • Contains artifact enhancement materials.
  • Allows you to choose what you want.
  • Introduced in June 2023, this upgraded bundle offers increased content for each item and includes red artifact candidates.
  • Please note that the emerald conversion of artifacts may not be calculated very accurately, so consider the rate as an estimate.
  • Available for a 24-hour sale.
  • May be sold alongside other bundles.
  • Eligible for Emerald Waterfalls. (if held..)
  • Qualifies for earning VIP points.

Recommended or Not Recommended?

  • None of them are recommended.
  • Orange artifacts offer good value for cost. However, there is no need to obtain them through bundles unless aiming for red artifacts.
  • Red artifacts are not considered cost-effective.


Bundle 1

Bundle 2

Bundle 3

Bundle 4

Bundle 5

Bundle 6

Bundle 7

Bundle 8

Estimated amount

  • Bundle 1 = 15,940 Emeralds (x2.6)
  • Bundle 2 = 79,700 Emeralds (x3.3)
  • Bundle 3 = 4,900 Emeralds (x0.8)
  • Bundle 4 = 22,100 Emeralds (x0.9)
  • Bundle 5 = 62,500 Emeralds (x10.3)
  • Bundle 6 = 300,500 Emeralds (x12.5)
  • Bundle 7 = 17,860 Emeralds (x3)
  • Bundle 8 = 79,700 Emeralds (x3.3)

Bundle features

Absolute Artifact chest

[Hero Wars Guide] Absolute Artifact chest

Flawless Artifact Chest

Bundle History

  • Monday, October 16, 2023 (24 hours)

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