[Hero Wars Guide]Caution for Pure Damage and Physical Resistance

Discussing DPS heroes struggling with adventure resistance buffs

DPSs who are good at pure damage often need physical damage

  • DPSs who specialize in pure damage need to be careful with both physical and net damage resistance.
  • Because some pure damage is damage generation, assuming physical damage occurs!
  • These issues are exacerbated in Adventures 12 and 13. Here are some typical heroes.


  • Iris‘s net damage has two patterns, but the most unique is her soul-removing attack.
  • The damage done by the soul is net damage, but the damage done to the soul is a normal means. And normal means is mostly physical damage. So it can’t do any damage.
  • If you combine it with magic DPS, you can pass through damage, but it will greatly reduce the importance of your activity.


  • Yasmine is a pure damage DPS that uses poison to kill the enemy. This poison is released the moment Yasmine hits the enemy with a critical hit = physical attack.
  • For this reason, Yasmine cannot deal net damage to an opponent who is immune to physical damage.

Galahad Keira Sebastian

  • Galahad Keira Sebastian can add a significant amount of pure damage to physical damage.
  • However, this additional damage is only effective when dealing physical damage.
  • If they are resistant to physical damage, they cannot deal any damage at all!

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  1. TR says:

    damage done by Iris with soul-extraction is PURE DAMAGE.thats why Rufus cant be killed by Iris 1. skill.
    and thats also a possible trap in adventure with buff of -100% pure damage.


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