[Hero Wars Guide]Weekly Report 2024.Week04

[Hero Wars Guide] Weekly Report 2024.Week04


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[Hero Wars Guide] Event Calendar 2024 Week04_4

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About the 2024 Lunar Skins

This year, different heroes were released for the PC and mobile versions.

PC Ver

Orion Cleaver Lian

[Hero Wars] Lunar Skins 2024

Mobile Ver

Dante Lilith Julius

Official Community Manager FAQ

Titles are tailored to the content.

February’s Upcoming Releases

  • Q. Thanks for the update and this sounds promising. However Mushy and Julius were first promised to happen by mid November, then it was moved to January. Now it is apparently February. So my honest question is why should the player base believe this latest post and why the third change in date? Can’t the developers just spend a few hours before the end of the month and do it in January so the revised date you promised last time (“sometime in January”) can be adhered to? I look forward to your response.
  • A. We are interested in sharing information and delivering it to players as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, this information may be subject to change. If the information is critical, such as an event postponement, we usually notify through a dedicated informational post. As for information about adding specific entities to chests, it is not always possible to track changes in release plans. So, unfortunately, deadlines can sometimes be postponed. However, this time, the developers are committed to implementing these unlocks in February.

Announced Portal Anomaly Failed to Materialize

  • Q. Where is portal anomaly?
  • A. The ‘portal anomaly’ has been rescheduled. We expect it to take place next week.

Weaving Patterns event is poo

  • Q. War Flag event is poo . . . no other way to describe it . . . thanks for making us wait . . . . worth it . . . not
  • A. Every opinion is appreciated. And will be delivered right to the ones who are responsible for this event creation.

The issue I have with Champion season

  • Q. Nexters. The issue I have with Champion season is that very often the prizes are equipment fragments or full items that are only used by a few heroes or heroes you are not currently developing. So people get the season just for the Red Gift of Dominion and feel the rest of it is a bit of a disappointment.

    Requests: –
    1) Can we make it so that instead of getting specific equipment fragments that Nexters chooses in advance (e.g. last season had Primarch Grasp, Dragon’s Heart, Mort, Lycanthrope, etc), we get a new type of equipment fragment chest where we can select any equipment fragment?
    2) Please add all completed items into the existing Purple, Orange, and Red equipment chests that give the entire items. For example instead of having Equipment Chest (Piercing Gaze, Helm of Clear thoughts, etc) and Red Equipment Chest 2 (Awakened Might, Insatiable Wing Aegis, Drommer Fancy, Brazier of the Bloody Lotus), have a single Red Equipment Chest that offers all the completed Red items. It is annoying to keep getting more and more Red Equipment Chest 2 from season tickets.

    These changes would make the season far more useful to most players without Nexters having to give out more.
  • A. I passed on your feedback to the developers at our Monday meeting.

Players having issues with the brawl

  • Q. there are players having issues with the brawl, they re not getting any opponents anymore. Can you please fix it asap or give them some compensation?
  • A. Unfortunately, this issue may occur during this event. If you encounter this problem, please open a support ticket and our specialists will help you.

No Rewards Granted for Server Transfers Post-Event

  • Q. As I pointed out on January 15th⁠⁠, although I transferred Server on December 31, 6 AM UTC, my Winterfest points were removed and I did not receive any rewards. And CM replied me try to check of my ticket history⁠⁠.
    Unfortunately, I did not get any reply from support or CMs.
    I would like to ask Support for logical explanation again and making fair judgment.
    This points was around 6th place on Server 8 but I could not get any rewards. As posted in Discord news on December 21st, Winterfest ended on December 31, 2 AM UTC⁠⁠. Also, although it said that “If you change servers, your Winterfest Ranking points will be reset”, I understand that this refers to the move during Winterfest. That is before end of Winterfest (December 31, 2 AM UTC). I transferred to Server from Server 8 to Server 6 on December 31st 6AM UTC after confirming the end of the event. Therefore, I think I am entitled to receive a reward because I moved server after Winterfest ended. However, my claim ticket was closed without logical explanation. Are you trying to get me to leave it alone and give up? Please be sincere.
  • A. My colleagues and I checked your dialogue with the support team. But their decision is final. I understand your concerns regarding the resolution provided by our support team and I understand that you feel unsatisfied with the decision not to restore your event points, but it’s important to adhere to the established rules and policies and the support team acted following these rules.

Request to Bring Back Sneak Peeks

  • Q. Bring back the sneak peaks
  • A. In our view, over the past year, we have significantly improved the format of providing information about in-game events and upcoming activities. Therefore, we believe that the “sneak peek” format has become obsolete and will not bring any new information and will just make more “info noise”

Main Updates and Game trends


Champions Season Rewords

Champions Season All Quests


Champions Season EXP and Gifts

Clash of the Titans (Brustar’s Brawls)

Recommended Teams: fix Brustar


Guild DASHIMAKI-TAMAGO 2024.Week04

Guild War:Web31-Gold league, Place 1

Guild Raid:Place 9

CoW: Season 6 Temporary Place 18


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