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  • Water Titan Tank with Invincibility Skill.
  • Like all Water Titans, they possess potent follow-through abilities.
  • – When the Invincibility skill synergizes effectively with the Water Totem, it can withstand attacks from Fire Totems and remain on the field until the end. An effective strategy utilizing this is the “Sigurd Warriors,” where Sigurd sequentially defeats the opponent’s Titans.
  • No other Titan can maintain front-line defense as effectively as Sigurd. He excels as a defense-oriented tank.
  • He proves particularly effective when properly trained. In scenarios where both players’ power levels are low, focusing on increasing Sigurd’s Health alongside the Water Totem, specialized in defense, proves advantageous initially. Overtraining Health is futile, as it leaves him vulnerable to Morok’s stun attack before activating skills.
  • Adjusting Sigurd’s Health for auto-optimization depends on your opponent, necessitating adaptation for challenging guild battles.
  • Sigurd’s skill activation timing harmonizes well with auto-battle mechanics. Consequently, there are instances where Fire 4 Sigurd complements Fire 4 Hyperion and Fire 4 Tenebris in attack sequences where their autos fall short.
  • While Sigurd may be the optimal solution in certain attack formations, he is primarily a defensive Titan. Many attack patterns do not align well with his skill activation timing, making a Nova Tank Water Titan formation preferable in such scenarios.
  • Due to the prioritization of Nova Tank construction, training for Water Titans often takes a back seat once sufficient Health is secured.
  • Sigurd stands out as one of the easiest Titans to utilize, offering consistent skill performance regardless of status conditions.
  • Sigurd’s invincibility largely hinges on the Water Totem’s recovery. Failure to timely deploy the Water Totem often results in defeat.
  • Placed at the forefront, Sigurd cannot be healed behind other tanks in dungeons. Upon low Health, reliance on a healer like Iyari becomes essential.
  • While Sigurd can adapt to a 4 Super Titan formation without relying on Totem recovery, his design prioritizes defense over offense, making him challenging to master.


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Champions Skin

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