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[Hero Wars] Solaris Light Super Titan

Titan Guide

  • Super Titan of Light
  • Designed as a counterpart to Tenebris, the Super Titan of Darkness.
  • As a titan, Tenebris surpasses him in solo performance. The utility of both is balanced by the strength of the Light Totem.
  • The Light Totem combined with Solaris is currently considered the best defense. While not as random as the Earth Titan, unpredictability is achieved when the invincibility abilities of the Light Totem and the stun of Solaris mesh with the imperfections of the Nurturing State. For this reason, Solaris in an imperfect nurturing state is very practical in defense.
  • It is not so much a rear placement. Nevertheless, it is stronger when it is in the rear. Therefore, even at the expense of simple skill compatibility, it is more likely to win the game if you organize your team so that Solaris is in the back of the team.
  • The first skill is a ranged stun. She is the only one of the five Super Titans with a stun. This stun has a 2 second delay between skill activation and effect activation. This makes it extremely difficult to use manually. Aiming to destroy an opponent’s skill activation is nearly impossible.
  • During the delay of the first skill, the damage received can be added to the damage of your own skill. However, the total amount is not that much. If the opponent activates a skill with damage, it will easily exceed the cachet.
  • During the delay of the first skill, the stun can be turned off, but not the damage. So if Solaris is hit during the delay, the skill activation will fail.
  • A strong fighting style is to combine it with Moloch and Nova to create a series of stuns. Double Totem attack formations like Fire + Light or Nova Tank + Light are very effective against many defense teams. It is the best Titan in auto attack formations.
  • It has a passive skill that increases HP, which can increase the durability of the entire team. Including Iyari in this is very strong in terms of skills. However, Iyari is placed behind Solaris. This creates a losing pattern where Solaris is defeated early.
  • Among Super Titans, Iyari’s reliance on totems is quite high. Therefore, it is easily removed in a totem-less teams with four Super Titans.

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