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  • Super Titan of Darkness.
  • One of the few female Titans. Before her introduction, there were rumors that Seymour might come. But now she is here as another Titan!
  • It is no exaggeration to say that she is the strongest Titan in the 2024 environment. Strong.
  • Her placement is quite backward, and she also has damage absorption, making her a solid fighter. Often the last man standing, Titan
  • The attack skill is a single attack, but if the target is knocked down during the attack, it automatically transfers to the next target.
  • The attack skill can be used to defeat the opponent, recover the gauge, and then aim for a series of skills that will activate the next attack skill.
  • The first skill cannot be activated at the same time. If a skill is activated while it is already in progress, instead of being activated in two places, the one already activated is extended in time. Because of this, there are patterns where the attack is not deployed in time and the opponent is pushed out of the way.
  • Although she can fit into almost any formation, Earth is the only one that is a little less compatible on offense and defense.
  • Like other Super Titans, he has a passive ability. When an ally dies, team Health and Attack power are buffed, and this skill also makes Tenebris the last man standing in many patterns.
  • The Strength rating is also an aspect that makes it easy to play an active role, as it is placed in the back. Incidentally, Tenebris’ skill itself is based on his own rear placement. For this reason, it is difficult to simply discuss it.
  • Titan Tenebris is less dependent on totems. This makes the Fire 4 + Tenebris a very powerful attacking team.

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