[Hero Wars Guide]Why is there a draw in Clash of Worlds?

Considerations and what can be done

  • CoW has a maximum score of 7,500 points.
  • If both guilds conquer all of each other’s bases, the match ends in a draw, unlike Guild Wars.
  • A certain number of mistakes are allowed in CoW, leading to frequent ties, especially between strong guilds.
  • This abundance of ties can lead to player fatigue.
  • So, why do draws persist, and why are they difficult to change? Here’s a conjecture.
[Hero Wars] Clash of Worlds Begins

Why are draws necessary?

  • Unlike Guild Wars, CoW involves all guild members, with no rest areas or trainee spots. Every member must participate in this constant battleground.
  • All players are required to fight both Heroes and Titans. And in Hero Battles, attacking randomly is an act of aggression that only gives your opponent gauges and makes it harder to defeat opponent teams. But if you take it for granted that you will not attack, you will demoralize the other guild members and cause the guild to collapse. In other words, the game design is such that you have no choice but to take heroic combat seriously.
  • Balancing the game to allow all bases to be captured without exhausting attack attempts can mitigate this harsh design.
  • CoW is permanent content for guilds in the Silver League and above, and given Hero Wars’ long-term gameplay, it’s unrealistic to make CoW excessively challenging.
  • Since players commit to Hero Wars for years, CoW’s seriousness and Hero Wars’ long-term content must be balanced to prevent disengagement from Hero Wars.
  • When there are no more ties. This means moving closer to a game with a no-miss premise. Many guilds will lean towards an environment that blames those who make mistakes. I know a lot of people who can’t stand that.
  • Some may think that those who cannot play well should just split up and give up, that this is an escape for the weak. However, the end result of a game that limits the right to enjoy the full content to a very few players with such an idea is not good. As a result, even the strong players who can endure some hard play will be more likely to lose interest in the game amidst a shrinking user base. When this happens, we will probably see a rapidly shrinking equilibrium in the number of players!
  • CoW is crucial for Hero Wars but remains delicately balanced due to its low rewards and assumption of attack failures.

What should CoW look like in the future?

  • Guilds dissatisfied with CoW’s design have the option to opt out and prioritize guild raiding.
  • There are diverse opinions on this matter, with many users requesting to face different guilds multiple times within a season.
  • However, while this request is common, it may not address all concerns, and Nexters faces pressure to enhance the game design, a challenging endeavor.

To those dissatisfied with CoW

  • Your discontent with the current game content is valid, and expressing your opinions is crucial.
  • However, it’s important to recognize that simply removing draws might not resolve all issues and could even lead to a decline in the game’s popularity.
  • The existing situation is complex, reflecting not only draws but also concerns such as cheating and usability problems.
  • Players have limited options in such circumstances.
  • Prolonged frustrations may adversely affect user engagement and other aspects. We urge Nexters not to remain passive but to address these issues to improve their business outlook.

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