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[Hero Wars Guide]Demon Doll in Campaign_2

What is a Non-Special Event?

  • Most of the events in HW are integrated into Special Events.
  • However, some guerrilla events or quests are accessed directly from the main menu.
  • Non-Special Events are mainly held for a day or two outside of the Special Events (except for the always-occurring mini-events), and are sometimes held at the same time. (This is not always the case, but sometimes they are held at the same time.
  • Some of the Special Events and Season events provide direct. access to dedicated maps, etc., but these are not included here.
  • There is no specific generic term for these events, so they are categorized here as non-special events.

Demon Doll

Heroes of the Day

Discount Day!

Pet Master Mira


Treasure Hunt

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  1. Axiliflora says:

    the drop rates seem to have gone under the ground! Not worth collecting any more; mostly I got 10 Arena coins, the replication rate of dolls was also very low; no EXP potions and almost no gold.


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