[Hero Wars Guide]Mini Events (Heroes)

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Hero mini-events

Mainly due on Monday or Tuesday for 3 days, there will be mini-events where you can get the soulstone of each hero.

K’arkh : The Negator of All Creation Returns

Andvari : Wrath of the Earth

Nebula : Stellar Radiance

Arachne : A New Bounty

Markus : The Righteous Light

Jorgen : The Dark Mage

Ziri : Mother of Scorpions

Heidi : Snake Charmer

Ishmael : Sinister Plot

Keira : Death Is Just The Beginning

Fox : Eureka!

Faceless : Mimicry

Artemis : Terror of Warlocks

Qing Mao : Dragon’s Claw

Lian : Lessons on Love

Phobos : Unbroken Spirit

Kai : The Price of Knowledge

Thea : The Path of Mercy

Astaroth : Wings of Flame

Astrid and Lukas : Mutual Devotion

Rufus : Incurable Optimist

Yasmine : Dance of Shadows

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