[Hero Wars Guide]Titans Champions skin

[Hero Wars Guide] Brustars Champion Skin

Titan Skins Guide

Numerous Titans offer champion skins for purchase!

  • These skins enhance either elemental armor or elemental damage, with the boosted stats predetermined based on the skin.
  • Considering their cost and benefits, these skins are typically of lesser importance for training.

Advantages of obtaining these skins

  • Certain competitive strategies necessitate these skins for optimal performance.
  • They bolster the Titan’s overall strength and can instill a sense of intimidation.

Disadvantages of getting this skin

  • Disadvantages of acquiring these skins include the fact that Titans have few random elements. Consequently, if you max out their power, combat training will determine the outcome of battles. Opting for a champion’s skin offers minimal effect for a high training cost, making it a less efficient investment.
  • Furthermore, obtaining this skin means owning a potent titan, particularly evident with the Dark Light Titan, which boasts high power. This can impact matchmaking in the Tower of Elements (ToE), leading to encounters with more formidable opponents. As a result, defending your position in ToE becomes more challenging, potentially causing your score to drop.

Currently, it is better not to buy

  • At present, it’s advisable to refrain from purchasing these skins. In the context of the 2024 landscape, the drawbacks outweigh the benefits.
  • While potential improvements may arise in the future, it’s currently recommended to limit acquisition to Level 1.
  • This advice holds particularly true for the Light and Dark Titan skins, which are offered as limited editions.

When it may be better to acquire

  • There are some cases where it is better to cultivate an Artifacts, such as in combination with adjustments to the Artifacts.
  • For example, in the case of Tanks (Rigel and Bruster), it may be possible to keep the power down by not cultivating the First Artifact (Artifact Weapon).
  • If the power of the titan you want to cultivate is kept below 190,000, the ToE will not be affected as much in many cases.

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